Early work for new sporting goods store begins, PetSmart undergoing renovations

Academy Sports PetSmart

An artist’s conceptual drawing of the new Academy Sports store, to be located just west of PetSmart store on Highway 50. (Submitted Photo)

O’FALLON – Preliminary construction work for a new sporting goods store has begun, causing the renovation of the O’Fallon PetSmart location to begin as well.

Laborers woke up early Friday morning to begin work creating a new western wall inside of PetSmart, located along Highway 50 near Walmart. Additionally, workers cut the building separating the structure where the new wall is located from the rest of the previous space.

O'Fallon PetSmart

The fish tanks have all been moved away from the newly constructed western wall inside PetSmart. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller)

The changes are connected to the construction of a new Academy Sports store, which will be located just to the west of PetSmart, between it and the Home Depot.  The company developing the nearly 63,000 square feet sporting goods and outdoors store purchased a little less than 5,000 square feet from PetSmart according to PetSmart General Manager Cole Snyder.

“The sporting goods store purchased 5,000 square feet of PetSmart. It worked out because we’re preparing to do a remodel and renovation. We’ll be getting all new fixtures, fish tanks, cash registers, and more,” Snyder said.

According to Snyder, PetSmart has reduced its footprint to about 25,000 square feet, including the Banfield Animal Hospital.