O’Fallon student receives perfect score on ACT

By Annabelle Knef

O’Fallon Township High School Student Stephen Monson received a perfect score of 36 on his ACT. 

Monson said that he prepared to take the ACT by taking practice tests. 

“I started five weeks before the ACT,” Monson said. “I did two one and a half hour sessions where I would just sit down and take practice tests.” 

Monson said that he originally didn’t think he did well on his ACT and was “surprised” to receive a score of 36. 

“I was pretty stoked.” 

Monson is still deciding on which college to attend. He said he is deciding between the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, Vanderbilt University and the University of Utah honor’s school. 

Monson said that he plans on studying neuroscience and hopes to have research opportunities as an undergraduate student. 

“They all have fantastic research opportunities for neuroscience,” he said. “After that I plan to go to medical school and then I would want to do endovascular brain surgery or spiral neuro surgery.”

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