Troy- O’Fallon Bike Trail expected summer of 2019

Construction on Troy- O’Fallon Trail is expected to be complete in the summer of 2019

O’FALLON- A bike trail development along Troy- O’Fallon Road can be expected around the beginning to mid- summer, according to Metro East Parks and Recreation District Executive Director Bryan Werner. 

The development is a seven mile trail that will extend from Troy south to O’Fallon. The trail will go past the intersection of Simmons and Witte Road. 

While there was a previous delay in construction due to the need of steel for bridges, Werner said that construction is now “well underway.” 

Werner said that the need for steel “is no longer an issue” and that it should be delivered and installed on necessary bridges in coming months. 

While Madison County Transit is overseeing construction of the trail, Metro East Parks and Recreation District is providing the necessary funding for the project. 

“As far as we know as an organization, it is still anticipated to be completed in the early summer,” Werner said. “Just like any project that continues through the winter time, mother nature and snow plays a part.” 

Werner said that there is a high probability of bike trails to be connected throughout neighboring communities. 

O’Fallon assistant city administrator Grant Litteken said that once the Troy- O’Fallon bike trail is complete, the city will look for ways to create connections with existing trail infrastructure.

According to Litteken, the City’s Capital Improvements Plan includes future construction of a trailhead near Kyle Road.

Litteken said that the city is looking forward to the day when someone can hop on their bike and travel to O’Fallon from neighboring communities.

Werner said that the Metro East Parks and Recreation District website has a page dedicated to bike and pedestrian infrastructure plans as they currently exist. He also encouraged individuals to visit the website to check out current and future trail maps. 

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