O’Fallon Station’s Vine Street Market to open May of 2019

O’FALLON – The newly opened O’Fallon Station will host Vine Street Market, a high- end farmer’s market event with farm, culinary and artisan products come May of 2019. 

Vine Street Market will take place on the second Saturday in May through the third Saturday in October with hours from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

Sarah Burton, Horticulturist and Market Coordinator for the City of O’Fallon, said that Vine Street Market was a conglomerate idea between O’Fallon Parks and Recreation and the city. 

“It’s something that we knew the city needed,” Burton said. “It’s always been in the background of everyone’s mind.” 

Burton said that O’Fallon Station, located at 212 E. 1st St., is the “perfect venue” to host events with a community atmosphere. 

“What a better way to do that than a farmer’s market,” she said. 

Burton said herself and others preparing for the market are working on an idea that they call the “Breakfast Club.” From 7:30 a.m. to 8 a.m., there would be coffee, tea, donuts and pastries available for people to enjoy before the Vine Street Market were to open.

“We are working right now with trying to get multiple vendors to help with that,” Burton said. “We want to include everybody who wants to be included in the downtown and outer O’Fallon area.” 

 Burton said that there are already vendors signed up for the market launch in May and they will be posted on the O’Fallon Station website as they become registered. 

“All of this is very fluid. It’s going to be built kind of as we go,” she said. “At the moment we have seven vendors approved.” 

Some of the vendors that will participate in Vine Street Market come from Trenton, St. Louis and local growers such as The Tiny Acre in O’Fallon. 

“They will have an array of breads and different seasonal vegetables, a really good mix,” she said. 

Burton said that Vine Street Market will have a mix of typical farmers market produce and artisan products, as well. 

She said artisan vendors could be soap makers, painters, sculptors or flower grovers. 

Burton said that members of the community can expect market Saturday’s to be a lively atmosphere, with music, food vendors and shaded outdoor seating. 

While there will always be music playing during market hours, which will be sponsored by Avenue Realty in O’Fallon, Burton said she is working on having different acoustic artists play during morning hours. 

Burton said that those working on the market are not soliciting food trucks. “If food trucks want to participate, they have to register with the city and follow the rules that the city has set. Food at the Vine Street Market will be available through market vendors.”

She also said that at this time, there has not been vendors that have applied to provide alcoholic beverages during market hours. 

“We are open to their applications and would welcome them.”

“Right now, if I envision what the atmosphere will be like, it will be very grassroots, very fun, family friendly, definitely a community event.”

Burton said that Vine Street Market will be different from other markets because the O’Fallon Station provides an inside space. There will be both inside and outside vendors.

“We have eight glass garage doors, we will be able to have them up whenever it’s hot.”

Burton said that she hopes Vine Street Market will help not only downtown businesses, but all of the businesses in O’Fallon. 

“We’re growing a destination place, we want to have a spot that supports the entire community and gives them the option of a place to go to display their goods or display talents.”  

“O’Fallon is more than a spot off the interstate, we have a lot to offer.”

Vine Street Market is still accepting applications for vendors. 

Burton said that vendors will be able to choose witch Saturday’s they want to participate in the market. 

“Our goal is to create a very high end market, not a flea market. We are pretty picky about who gets in and who doesn’t,” she said. “We think that will be a benefit to our community.”

To apply to become a vendor, call Sarah Burton at 618-206-4379 or email her at sburton@ofallon.org

You can also apply on the O’Fallon Station website: http://theofallonstation.com

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