23-year-old becomes newest Shiloh trustee

By Annabelle Knef

SHILOH – A resident of the Village of Shiloh her entire life, Julia Warchol is ready to give back to her community by serving as trustee. 

At 23 years old, Warchol said she feels that assuming her position so young is an accomplishment for her generation. 

“It’s time for my generation to give back to the community and get involved,” she said. “It is an honor to serve our community.”

Warchol’s family has lived in Shiloh for more than 100 years. Her mom, Tina Wrzek, has been a trustee since Warchol was 13-years-old. Upon being sworn in at the Shiloh Board meeting on May 7, Warchol will serve as trustee alongside her mom. 

“Living here my whole life, I’ve had the opportunity to watch Shiloh grow and develop into what it is today,” she said. “One day, I plan on raising my family here and I would like to be a part of the day- to- day activities in the community.” 

As she takes her seat as trustee, Warchol said she most looks forward to being a part of the decision making process for the future of Shiloh. 

“My biggest goal is to help ensure financial stability so that community funds get distributed appropriately to the areas we need to secure the future of Shiloh for generations to come,” she said. 

Warchol said she would also like to see improvements in Shiloh parks. 

“Recreation is what brings families together and connects our community to its citizens,” she said. 

Warchol said local government is important because it is where people have the most influence. “It’s where decisions about schools, roads and police departments are made.” 

Warchol said that Shiloh, despite its growth and expansion, “still has a small hometown feel.” 

“You can’t walk into the gas station without seeing at least one person you know,” she said. 

Warchol also spoke on Shiloh’s “outstanding” school district, Shiloh District 85. “The school and its faculty and staff go above and beyond for the students.” 

Warchol has been married for four years this November and will graduate with an Associates in Paralegal Studies later this month. She is currently a Bankruptcy Paralegal at JD Graham, PC.

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