A Note from the Superintendent’s Desk – Carrie Hruby – December 21, 2016

Carrie Hruby - Superintendent District 90

Carrie Hruby – Superintendent District 90

At their December 5 meeting, the District 90 Board of Education heard details of each option still under consideration for boundaries.  Each scenario can be tweaked and adjusted even after one option is eventually selected.  Sample maps and scenarios can be found at the www.of90.net in the December 5 School Board agenda.

The options presented on December 5 were:

  • Option A: Create a 5th grade center at Marie Schaefer, and continue to house some PreK students there as well.
  • Option B: Redraw boundaries, but retain the current grade level configurations.
  • Option C1: Create an early learning center at Evans and redraw K-5 boundaries.
  • Option C2: Create an early learning center at Hinchcliffe and redraw K-5 boundaries.
  • Option C3: House all preschool at Moye, and redraw boundaries to relocate a portion of the current Moye students.

Several months ago, as they were presented with initial information, the Board members identified the following as priorities.  The Board stated that the solution should:

  • Be sustainable for at least 5 years
  • Balance each school capacity
  • Be affordable
  • Reduce the number of students who transfer (by increasing the number of sections per grade level)
  • Lessen need to transfer students due to full sections at individual schools
  • Optimize the socio-economic balance across schools
  • Meet transportation needs of all students
  • Maintain current programs and student services
  • Use contiguous boundaries, where possible
  • Improve opportunities for curriculum enhancements
  • Optimize socio-emotional learning stability and opportunities for students
  • Optimize teacher experience and performance

Recognizing that it might not be possible to have all of the above in any one option, the Board revisited the list on December 5.  At that meeting they narrowed the focus to two top priorities: Reduce the number of students who transfer by increasing the number of sections per grade level, and optimize the FRL balance across schools.

The committee continues to share additional information as requested by the Board.  From the beginning we have suggested the Board not vote on a proposal until all of the options have been vetted and analyzed.  We felt strongly that it was important to be transparent in our work and to address the Board’s questions by bringing back additional ideas or data as requested.

Of the many options that have been vetted, the Board of Education continues to closely study Options A, C1 and C3.  Any change in boundaries will come with pros and cons, and will be unpopular with some families as most prefer to remain in their current school.  The Board of Education will continue to weigh each pro/con in juxtaposition to the future needs of a growing and changing district.

District 90 wishes you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

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