A Note from the Superintendent’s Desk: Feel the Energy!

By Superintendent Dawn Elser

As you walk through the doors of Central School or Joseph Arthur Middle School you can feel an energy that invites students, staff, family members, and visitors to engage in learning.  The energy can be directly attributed to the leadership of the schools and their ability to empower the staff and the students.  In an effort to establish, improve, and maintain a growth-producing school climate and culture, the leaders model and use the following pillars to guide the school:

Welcome everyone:  The principal of Central School can be seen early each morning opening the car door for students and giving them a high five to start their day.  This creates a very inviting atmosphere and gets the students day started on the right track.  Many teachers start the day off by standing in their doorway greeting their students with a handshake, hug or high five. The principal at JAMS is often seen skipping down the hallway high fiving students or singing in the cafeteria to the students on their birthday.

Set the stage:  The expectations are taught, the goals are set, activities are planned and then it’s lights, camera and action.  Our theme is Hollywood, so everything the teacher does for students, sets the stage for their success. They strive each day to ensure students achieve success, socially, emotionally and academically.  

Use Choice Words: The things you say to students can either make their day or break their day.  As Maya Angelou once said, “they may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel.”  When speaking to children it is vital to make them feel respected. 

Spread the Good News:  There is no greater joy for a parent than to receive a compliment from their child’s teacher or principal.  The principals at both Central School and Joseph Arthur Middle School have been intentional in making a Good News Call of the Day, to reward students for their excellent choices, their kind words, their good behavior or their display of positive character traits.  A simple phone call and picture on Facebook has brought tears of joy, smiles and a sense of pride to many students and parents.  

Strive to Be the
Greatest School in the World:
  What is it that makes a school great? We believe that what makes a school great is the collective leadership of the administration and staff, the positive beliefs and attitudes of the teachers, the programs and curriculum that the district offers, the character that the students demonstrate and the achievement and accomplishments of the students. We do not intend to be boastful, rather we aspire to be a school that students want to go to each day and that parents feel good about sending their kids to on a daily basis.  Every teacher, student and staff member at Central School District #104 strives each day to be the greatest. 

Walk through the doors at one of the schools in our district and you will sense the positive climate and culture that has been established between the walls!