A Note from the Superintendent’s Desk – January 25, 2017

Carrie Hruby – Superintendent District 90

This month District 90 partnered with 1818 Chophouse to celebrate staff who dedicate their talents to provide a high quality learning environment and educational opportunities.  1818 Chophouse generously sponsored the January Teacher of the Month and Support Staff Member of the Month awards.  Each building principal nominated one employee per category and the Board of Education selected the finalists.



1818 Chophouse  Teacher of the Month
January, 2017 

Alicia Schur
Fifth grade teacher,
Moye Elementary School

In their nomination, her principals, Becky Williams and Dan Rudy, shared, “Alicia is a remarkable teacher who strives to motivate her students to the fullest.

Besides being an outstanding teacher, what sets Alicia Schur apart from others is her desire to lead programs at Moye.  Three years ago Ms. Schur developed the fifth grade ambassador program.  Our ambassadors have been very successful and this program gives students the opportunity to step into a leadership role at school.

For the past year, Alicia has also taken on the role of leading the Moye after-school enrichment program. This program gives students opportunities to take classes on a wide variety of topics and interests.

Ms. Schur is an active member and leader on the PBIS Tier 1 Team. Some of the responsibilities she takes on are leading the Boot Camp Refresher and  Moye’s end of the year Fourth Quarter Reward, Minute-to-Win-It. She also volunteers her time to organize and help plan STEM night.

Not only is Ms. Schur a great teacher, but she also goes above and beyond by leading and taking responsibility for several programs and committees at Moye Elementary. I greatly appreciate all of Ms. Schur’s hard work and she makes Moye a better place.”

1818 Chophouse
Staff Member of the Month

January, 2017 

Cathy Hamm
Instructional Aide,
Carriel Junior High School

Principals Ellen Hays and Jeff Brokering stated, “Cathy Hamm has been a District 90 employee for thirteen years.  Currently she serves as an Instructional Aide and does an excellent job in this position.  Her willingness to take on tasks and see them to successful completion never fails.  This is appreciated by all.

Recently Mrs. Hamm was selected by the Carriel student body as the support staff member of the month for our building.  The students wrote, ‘This staff member (Cathy Hamm) is the definition of a hard worker. She makes sure every teacher has what they need and goes above and beyond to make life easier on the rest of the staff. She says, “Hello,” to everyone in the hallway and has a contagious smile. Not only does she support the teachers, but she is always willing to assist with office tasks and projects that support the entire school.’

In addition to her daily responsibilities, she served as an active member of the PTO serving as the treasurer.  Mrs. Hamm is an essential part of the team of educators at Carriel.”