A Pure October Party

O’Fallon Band Relives High School Through Music


“High School.  Some love it, some hate it, but for many it just plain sucks.”

For Alexander Edith (Vocals/Guitar), Spencer Peck (Bass), Thomas Gederman (Drums), high school may be over, but they have spent the last year writing and recording an album that allowed them to try and survive high school all over again.  The band, Pure October, released their newest album, The Gullible Guide to Getting By on September 15th and will be holding an album release concert and party at the Firebird in St. Louis on September 30th. The Gullible Guide to Getting By follows Charlie song by song; a teen who only wants to have fun with his friends and somehow make it through the rest of his senior year at high school.

Much like Charlie; Alex, Spencer and Tom fought the halls of O’Fallon Township High school just a few years ago, but Pure October took a while to form.  Although the group knew of one another, they weren’t always friends.  Tom was busy playing music with the marching band, wind ensemble, musical pit and show choir Pit. In fact, Tom credits most of his training as a drummer and percussionist to the directors that were keeping him busy; Dr. G and Mr. Hinds.

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