A View of the Past

Cody Hall fire 1946

This week’s photo is of a Monday afternoon fire that destroyed the combination tavern and home of Coda “Cody” Hall and his wife Cora on Dec. 30, 1946.  The building was located at Carbon Hill which is where the I-64 interchange with Route 50 in O’Fallon is today.  The cause of the blaze was the ignition of spilled roofing tar that was being heated on a kitchen stove.  While the fire department had a plentiful source of water at nearby but now long gone Carbon pond, the flames rapidly overwhelmed the structure making it impossible to save it or anything in it.  Loss was estimated at $1200 not including $1500 in liquor and $500 in cash.  The tavern was uninsured.
(Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society.)