A View of the Past

OTHS Assembly Hall 1921-22

This week’s view is of the O’Fallon Township High School assembly hall on the top floor of the old high school building that used to stand at the southwest corner of Fifth and Cherry.  Later generations of students might remember it as the band room of Marie Schaefer Junior High.  The photo was taken during the 1921-22 school year.  The entire faculty back then, seen standing in the rear to the right, consisted of six teachers, including the superintendent.  Erwin H. Runkwitz taught Math, Science and Latin.  Elizabeth A. Albert taught commercial classes.  Jean Frances Bassett taught History and Economics.  Sylvia Neuling taught Domestic Science.  Ruth O. Gronert taught English and Algebra.  J. Emmett Hinchcliffe, a new arrival to OTHS at the time, was superintendent as well as instructor for Botany and Zoology.  He would head O’Fallon schools, grade and high, until 1943.  All the female teachers, by the way, were unmarried.
(Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society.)