A View of the Past – February 8, 2017

This week’s view is of the airship hangar that once stood at Scott Field when it was a LTA (Lighter than Air) Army aviation base.  Built between Sept. 1921 and Jan. 1923, it was the second largest airship hangar in the world, next only to the one at Lakehurst, New Jersey.  This photo was taken on Aug. 27, 1922 during an “Air Circus” held at Scott while the hangar was in the latter stages of construction.  The circus drew a crowd of over 15,000 and featured aerial stunts with planes and dirigibles including parachute jumps from the Baby Blimp in the middle of the photo.  The era of the great airships ended in 1937 and the hangar at Scott was dismantled between Aug. 1938 and Jan. 1939.

(Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society)

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