A View of the Past

1925 Prince Princess Float

This week’s view is of the 1925 Homecoming Prince and Princess float from a photo taken Sat. Aug. 22 that year at the corner of State and Lincoln in O’Fallon, with the First National Bank, now the O’Fallon History Museum, in the background.  The event was the 2 p.m. Children’s Parade, part of the 4th annual O’Fallon Homecoming festival, which was heading north to its destination at City Park,  just to the east of Old City Hall at Washington and Lincoln.  The prince, in top hat, was Robert Reidelberger and the princess, to his left, was Martha Willard.  The prince and princess, running as a couple, were elected by popular vote.  Ballot boxes were at local businesses and each vote cost one cent.  The 1925 winners received 20,290 votes.  The runners-up, Elmer Keller and Bernadine Pearson, received 12,743 votes.  This was the last year the Homecoming would be held in City Park.  It was held in the new Community Park in 1926.

(Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society)