AAA, Illinois tell drivers to get ready for winter

It’s that time of year again, time to get ready to drive in the snow and ice.

AAA’s Beth Mosher said anyone who’s driven in Illinois has heard winter weather driving advice before. But she said it bears repeating.

November is Winter Weather Preparedness Month. The state and AAA are reminding people to get ready for the cold, snow, ice and slush.

Mosher said that starts with making sure to have an emergency kit in the car.

“That includes a cell phone, cell phone charger, a battery-powered flashlight,” Mosher said. “And warm clothes. That’s really key.”

Mosher said motorists may want to add a shovel and some kitty litter, if there’s space.

She also reminded drivers to check the battery in their vehicle and not to leave it running to warm it up if there’s a chance someone else may take it.

“You may think that you are in a safe community, but it’s really a good idea to keep watch over that car if you’re going to start it early,” Mosher said. “And, of course, open the garage door.”

The state of Illinois has all sorts of winter driving tips on its website,