Air Force vets’ delivery service offers quality, affordable meals

By Annabelle Knef

O’Fallon-based Seven Hills Chef Services, a weeknight meal delivery service, will observe its one-year anniversary in October.

Boyd Hobbs, co-owner of the business along with Paul Zabbo, said that catering is a secondary endeavor for the company.

“Whenever a catering opportunity presents itself and we can manage to fit it into our schedule, we will do it, but home meal deliveries are our focus,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs and Zabbo are both retired Air Force veterans who still work together as civilians at Scott Air Force Base.

“We started making some food for the people in our office, which grew into making some food for all of the people in the building, and across the street,” he said.

Hobbs said that after many people encouraged them to start a business, they thought they would “give it a shot.”

“Having families of our own, we knew the challenges people have trying to squeeze a good homemade meal into an evening full of soccer, baseball, cheer practices, homework, and yard work,” he said. “So, we thought we could help.”

Hobbs said that what sets Seven Hills Chef Services apart from similar businesses is “our meals and our focus on them.”

“We make food that we like to eat. We do not focus on any dietary or social trends, just food we believe people will enjoy,” he said.

“Our service is not our primary source of income, our focus and dedication is to provide a good meal to a busy person or family. Obviously, there is some monetary aspects to it, but it’s not a primary driver for us,” Hobbs said. “We have a knack for something that we enjoy and it happens to help out busy people in our community.” 

Orders can be placed on the Seven Hills Chef Services website with meal selections delivered on the selected night of the week between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Menu items are posted on the website on Saturday for the following week. Meal portions come in a small size, which would feed one to two people and a large size, which would feed four to six people. 

Hobbs said he is expecting to expand the business’s services and offerings in the fall of 2018 “when school and sports event start back up.” “We hope the people of O’Fallon and the surrounding areas will continue to support our services,” he said. 

Seven Hills Chef Services food will be available at the annual Belleville Chili Cook-Off, the VFW Post 805 Bacon Fest, and O’Fallon school district fundraisers.