Albrecht wins Ward 2 alderman race

Jerry Albrecht and his wife hug after hearing the results. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Jon McLean)

O’FALLON – The race for Ward 2 Alderman came down to one vote Tuesday morning.

Incumbent Jerry Albrecht was named the winner after three provisional ballots out of 27 from the O’Fallon area were opened and counted by the St. Clair County Clerk’s office. The provisional ballots were mailed to the County Clerk and had to be postmarked by April 4 in order to be counted. Three ballots were from Ward 2.

Albrecht received a total of 491 votes, while challenger Mark Riley received 490.

Riley posted to his campaign Facebook page that  he is considering a recount, given how close the election came.

“There were three ballots and Mr. Albrecht received two votes. I will probably request a recount based on the closeness of the numbers but I assume that we will finally have some closure in the near future. I want to congratulate Mr Albrecht and thank everyone who supported me throughout this process. It was am amazing experience and I look forward to staying involved with our city’s council in the future,” Riley posted.

The election results will be certified on April 25. After that a five-day period begins where Riley can request a discovery recount, where 25 percent of the votes will be sampled to determine if there are any irregularities. If anyone was still unstatisfied with the results, the next option would be to file a suit in circuit court contesting the election results.

Had the two men remained in a tie following the opening of the provisional ballots, a name would have been drawn to determine the winner.