And your OTHS Prom Queen and King are…

The OTHS Prom Queen and King for the 2019 school year is Gabby Brunner and Jordan Ford. 

Gabby Brunner is the daughter of Phil and Carrie Brunner. After high school, Gabby plans on attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee to major in Music business. In 10 years, Gabby sees herself as a successful producer or owning a business in Nashville or Los Angeles, happily married and with a dog or two. Gabby participates as a drum major for the Marching band and as a Hope officer. She is in National Honor Society and plays the French horn in the wind ensemble. She loves her friends, food and dancing. 

Jordan Ford is the son of Jason Ford Senior and Jacqueline Tate. Jordan plans to attend Southwestern Illinois College in the fall. He plans to have a college degree and wants to specialize in carpentry or flipping houses. Jordan participates in FCA, Panther Beat, Ticket for Success and is the manager of the basketball and baseball teams.

Other students recognized for their personalities are: 

Most fashionable: Kayla Miller and Quinn Harris

Biggest flirt: Adriana Scagliarini and Gio Venuti 

Most musically talented: Zoyalyn Stoll and Bennett English

Most school spirited: Olivia Branz and Ryan Anderson 

Most athletic: Ashley Schloer and Dorian Brown 

Most likely to appear on SNL: Madison Brake and Ethan Weld 

Biggest heart: Adler Maher and Mohammed Ashkar

Most artistic: Sydney Osborne and Quinn Harris 

Most connected: Sophia Hoffman and Nolan Bradley 

Most scholastic: Hannah Caraway and Nick Spihlman 

Best smile: Laura Edwards and Mohammed Ashkar

Most well rounded: Adler Maher and Mohammed Ashkar 

Cutest couple: Ashlyn Morris and Ethan Weld

O’Fallon Weekly Photos by Nick Miller