Area Girl Scouts take a trip around the world

O'Fallon Girl Scout Event 1 O’FALLON – Girl Scouts from the O’Fallon and Shiloh area took a trip around the world Saturday morning as local troops participated in World Thinking Day where they learn about different countries.

“Today is World Thinking Day. Every Girl Scout in the world should be participating either today or February 22, which is National World Thinking Day,” said Karen Reed who is the Girl Scout Leader for Troop 1129. “Every troop puts on a country of their choice. They create a trifold poster board with fun facts about their country, as well as some Girl Scout facts. They try and show other girls what that country is like. They present a food from that country and they explain their fun facts about the country as the groups go from table to table.”

Reed said while the turnout can vary from year to year, they were pleased with the number of countries represented.

“This year we have 19 countries presented from 19 troops. Last year we had 22 countries, so some years can be bigger or smaller depending on who participates. About 150 girls attended this year’s event,” said Reed.

The World Thinking Day event took place at the Katy Cavin’s Community Center. Reed has been responsible for putting on the event for a while now.

“It’s a fun event I’ve been hosting for about four years. We love doing it to show the girls all of the different countries,” she said.

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