Art students benefit from equipment donated by OTHS Endowment Fund

These OTHS students are working in groups to develop their own sculpture as a part of a STEM grant from Scott Air Force Base. They are getting a closer look at the development of the OTHS Panther by MGA Sculpture Studio and learning about the fabrication of sculptures created by MGA, a company formerly from St Louis.

As part of the 2016-17 grant awards from OTHS Endowment Fund, the Art Department received a Surface laptop and a large monitor. Both of these are mostly used by the instructor to improve and develop instruction. The Surface has been instrumental in enabling the instructor to convert all class units/lessons into OneDrive books, which are readily shared with students. The large monitor is used in conjunction with the old monitor to quickly research and lay out power points. It is a great asset when referencing art works with students, as shown.
(Photo provided by Debbie Raboin – Art Teacher OTHS)