Athlete of the Week – Jack Belobrajdic

Belobrajdic is locking down the Panther defense

Jack Belobrajdic - AOTW   Senior long-stick midfielder Jack Belobrajdic has elevated his play high enough to earn his own nickname from his coach.

Belobrajdic, or as coach Jim McIntyre likes to call him, “Hoover”, has been a consistent force on the Panther back-end during his final year as a member of the varsity lacrosse team. A senior captain for O’Fallon, Belobrajdic currently leads the team by a substantial amount in groundballs, caused turnovers, and takeaways.

“He pushes transition very hard and has a very savvy sense for the game. Jack brings a lot of composure and tenacity to his game and the rest of the team feeds off of it. If there is a groundball on the grass anywhere, my money is on Jack to get it,” said McIntyre.

Known mostly for his physicality and reliability protecting the Panther goal, the three year varsity lacrosse veteran has also evolved in his role as a leadership on the field.

“It’s been a wonderful emergence to watch. His level of play and character have always been there, but it has really started to shine this year. Both as a vocal leader and a leader by example he has absolutely been outstanding,” said McIntyre.

Part of Belobrajdic’s game that shines the most is his ability to read the game on the fly. As the team’s long-stick midfielder Belobrajdic draws the toughest assignments on a daily basis and is responsible for helping his team adapt in the middle of the action.

“Jack figures out who the other threats are very quickly and how to combat them. He’s great at communicating that with his teammates and it’s given us a very powerful tool,” said McIntyre.

So far this season Belobrajdic has helped his team achieve an 11-3-1 overall record and most recently a second place finish in the Sticks and Stones tournament in Chicago.

Belobrajdic’s excellent play has gotten him noticed by more than his peers, coaches, and opponents. Earlier this year Belobrajdic signed to play division two lacrosse at the University of Indianapolis.