A View of the Past – February 3, 2016


OTHS physics lab 1922 yearbook

This week’s view is of students in the physics lab at O’Fallon Township High School during the 1921-22 school year.  Back then, the entire high school was in a two-story building that once stood at the southwest corner of Fifth and Cherry.  Erwin H. Runkwitz, standing in the back to the right, taught the high school science courses, including physics, as well as mathematics and Latin.  He was later St. Clair County Superintendent of Schools from 1931-39. Standing next to him is OTHS Superintendent J. Emmett Hincliffe, Sr.

(Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society.)

First National Bank of Waterloo announces promotions

First National Bank

First National Bank

O’FALLON – First National Bank of Waterloo recently announced the promotions of two employees:

• Megan Knop is now the Assistant Vice President/Center Manager of the O’Fallon Banking Center.  Megan started with the bank in May 2015.

• Joy Schrieber was promoted to Assistant Vice President/Center Manager of the Schnucks Banking Center in O’Fallon.  Joy has been with the bank since May 2012.

“We are pleased to announce these promotions and to recognize certain individuals for their outstanding performance and commitment to the bank.” said Gary D. Hemmer, President & CEO.

First National Bank of Waterloo has over $435 million in total assets and nine banking centers in Central and Southern Illinois.  First National Bank of Waterloo has been serving the local areas since 1912.

A View to the Past – Jan 27, 2016

OFallon City Council 1954
This week’s view is of the O’Fallon City Council and other city officials in 1954 gathered in the meeting room on the first floor of old City Hall at 200 N. Lincoln.  Back then, city offices plus the police and fire departments were all in the same building.  Clockwise around the table beginning front, left are: Aldermen Charles Miller, Charles Heitman, G.G. Budina; City Clerk Edwin H. Hesse; City Attorney P.K. Johnson, Sr.; Mayor Henry M. Hesse; City Treasurer J. Emmett Hinchcliffe, Sr.; Aldermen Edward R. Hemmer, John Fuchs and Arnold Dickinson.  The beards and mustaches scattered throughout were in honor of O’Fallon’s Centennial that year.
(Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society.)

OTHS announces Class of 2018 Fall Honor Roll

OTHSO’FALLON – The Fall Honor Roll at O’Fallon Township High School was recently released. The following members of the Class of 2018 made the Honor Roll.

The O’Fallon Weekly will list the members of the classes of 2017 and 2016 who made the Honor Roll over the next two weeks. Members of the class of 2019 were printed in last week’s edition.

Rachel Joy M. Abalos

Parker S. Anderson

Grant F. Appel

Khory J. Bachman

Robert B. Backhus

McKay A. Bailey

Skylar N. Bair

Hanna K. Barnes

Jeremy P. Barnes

Eduardo E. Barragan

Natalie L. Bartimus

Nicholas E. Beck

Hannah M. Bell

Zachary H. Bellflower

Elizabeth R. Bellina

Kevin J. Belobrajdic

Benjamin R. Belongy

Amonyae N. Belts

Samantha R. Bierly

Garrett T. Blenkush

Matthew T. Blomberg

Brooke N. Boatman

Elizabeth L. Boehning

Logan N. Boente

Adrian D. Bolds

Kali B. Bolton

Nicholas D. Boone

Sophia H. Border

Shana M. Borgren

Teron D. Bowman II

Caitlin A. Brewster

Carrie M. Brooks

Kirsten R. Brown

Racquel E. Brown

Katherine M. Buchanan

Nathan J. Burton

Alec C. Busse

Erin R. Byrnes

Abigail G. Byrnside

Lonnie L. Byrnside III

Nicholas M. Carducci

Lindsey A. Cargle

Jay A. Carroll

Maiella E. Carroll

Parker J. Charlebois

Sae Y. Choe

Carissa R. Christensen

Miya Christensen

Talia Christensen

Victoria H. Clinton

Justin E. Coleman

Madeline L. Collins

Kathryn M. Comeaux

Dean T. Cooley

Cheyenne D. Copling

Mary R. Costantinou

Claudia K. Cozadd

Ashlyn D. Creech

Steven A. Crook

Kendra M. Dahm

Jared D. Dalonzo

Hannah L. Dapson

Jessica R. Davis

William C. Davis

Zachary C. Day

Hannah L. Dock

Taylor M. Dockins

Joelle M. Dorries

Zachary J. Dover

Matthew K. Doyle

Jacob P. Dreyer

Christopher J. Duncan

Reid L. Ellerbrake

David L. Erickson

Lindsey J. Escudero

Allyson C. Estler

Lucas A. Etheridge

Alexis N. Farmer

Stephanie S. Favela

Samuel B. Feathers

Sean P. Feuerhelm

Jodi G. Fischer

Peter T. Fleming

Noelle M. Forcier

Cadiem L. Franks

Alexis M. Gaab

Nicholas S. Gagliano

Alyssa A. Gederman

Max R. Gibbs

Matthew T. Gilster

Hayden W. Gittner

Kaylee Gonzalez

Luke T. Green

Sydney E. Griffin

Clayton A. Groom

Ethan O. Hacker

Emily V. Hairr

Randy W. Harkins

Tyrone D. Harlan

Caitlin M. Harley

Derek W. Harris JR

Jonathan M. Harris

Zoe M. Havens

Trent E. Hawk Frey

Rachel E. Hayden

Robert W. Hayes

Nicole M. Hebel

Grace E. Henderson

Adam R. Herbert

Garrett W. Herring

Brett C. Hersant

Mark J. Hoerner

Jacob E. Holan

Tyler R. Holbert

Jadyn A. Holt

Ashlynn K. Honma

Justin A. Hovick

Jake R. Howey

Adam M. Hudder

Regan L. Hutchison

Michaela M. Jablonski

Kylie M. James

Blake Janas

Emily C. Jansen

Deja R. Jenkins

Isabella R. Johnson

Christina A. Jones

Quinton Jones

Brooke E. Kalous

Caroline C. Keller

Nathan C. Kellermann

Makayla N. Kincaid

Abigail G. Kinnard

Anastasia M. Kirby

Jordan Klohr

Jacob R. Koenig

Halie A. Kosmopolis

Nicholas A. Kruse

LaRynn L. Lang

Megan N. Lanter

Timothy C. LeBlanc

Alisha M. Lester

Joel C. Lindsey

Caitlin B. Lloyd

Amayrani Lopez

Cassidy R. Lurk

Andrew Luz

Kelsey Lyles

Danielle A. Lynch

Rebekah I. Macdonald

Mason M. Macias

Kyle N. Manera

Ryan Mank

Rebecca K. Mann

Kira S. Mantz

Noah R. Mantz

Emily R. Marrs

Allison L. Martin

Nathan L. Martin

Kaleah A. Mason

Amber Matthews

Kailey E. McCloud

Alayna L. McCoy

Elizabeth A. McDevitt

Kylee A. McGill

Jacob C. McGraw

Treavor L. McLeland

Alyssa R. McMinn

Dana D. Merritt

Delaney E. Mikos

Mia F. Montgomery

Ryann B. Moore

Charles J. Moyers

Kaitlyn M. Mueller

Camden J. Mueth

Patrick W. Murphy

Amy T. Muschler

Tessa E. Nesch

Jordan T. Nguyen

Jackson B. Nickish

Andrew J. Novy

Daniel J. O Connor

Isaac C. Oechsle

Christopher B. Ord

Katarina E. Papachrisanthou

Benjamin J. Paskert

Francisco-Rey A. Pedroza

Sean R. Pelato

Kevin N. Pendergrass

Nicholas Peppler

Kaileigh N. Perrier

Jonathan D. Prouhet

Isaac Pullen

William J. Ralphs

Alyssa E. Randolph

Jordan A. Reed

Autumn S. Reehle

Dylan E. Reno

Jeremy J. Reno

Demario D. Reynolds

Monika Reynolds

Bailey A. Rhodes

Tanner J. Riggan

Ashley R. Risse

Morgan M. Rohloff

Joshua D. Rohn

Bruno Rosado Monagas

Elijah J. Rosenberg

Maeve N. Rost

Julia K. Roth

Taje A. Ruffin

Isabel M. Saenz

Jesse D. Saldana

Kathryn M. Sanders

Kathryn S. Sanders

Grace E. Scherschel

Grant I. Schilling

Kailee E. Schlosser

Madyson M. Schreiber

Krislyn M. Schulte

Caleb R. Shelton

Hannah M. Shultz

Hannah I. Sill

Brianna R. Smith

Elise C. Smith

Hailey J. Smith

Nathan J. Smith

Brianna Spear

Bailey J. Spengler

Nicole L. Stankevitz

Stephanie M. Sternberg

Jayla N. Stubblefield

Samantha L. Stutsman

Renae N. Suberly

Graham E. Sudduth

Paige M. Swieda

Suzanna R. Talley

Mark R. Thomas-Patterson

Nathaniel A. Tole

Zane C. Toner

Saneatha S. Trice

Aaron D. Valentine

Taylor J. VanAusdall

Marinda J. VanHoose

Kartikeya R. Vyas

Shallamar M. Wade

Leah E. Walton

Michael J. Warren

Vivian F. Washington

Madison M. Weitlauf

Sierra N. White

Christian A. Whitesides

Claire F. Wilcox

Jade M. Williams

Brooke Witzel

Spencer J. Woll

Alaina M. Worker

Sierra P. Workman

Cody T. Wyatt

Ananya S. Yaganti

Hayden Ybarra

Alex D. Young

Christian A. Zaman

A note from the Superintendent’s Desk – Jan 27, 2016

By Dr. Darcy Benway, Superintendent District 203

It’s that time of year when students wait anxiously by the telephone to hear those magical words, “Snow Day.”  Below are some frequently asked questions and answers as to how schools address inclement weather:

Q:  When (What time) is the decision made to cancel school?

The following provides guidelines for providing notification of a school closing:

Closing the Morning of School:  All information is gathered and the decision is typically made around 5:40 so that notification of the closing can be viewed on the web site prior to the first OTHS bus stop pick-up at 5:55 am.

Closing the Night Before:  The decision to cancel school is typically made no later than 9:00 pm so that notification of the closing can be viewed on the 10:00 pm news.

The decision to close school is always made at the earliest reasonable time. The automated calling system in activated once the decision is made.  Please note the automated calling system must call nearly 8,000 numbers when OTHS sends an “all call” to our employees and students.  It is important that families not rely on the automated calling system as the only source of information, as there is always the possibility of a system delay in calling or a technical difficulty.  Please always check other sources for notification (news media and district web site) on days of inclement weather.

Q:  What factor(s) determine when school will be cancelled?

Each school district has unique circumstances to evaluate when making the decision to cancel school.   Considerations common to OTHS are as follows:

Road Conditions

•  In general, are the roads safe for travel?

•  Are the roads safe for bus traffic?

•  Can school busses adequately maneuver?

•  Are the roads safe for young, high school age drivers?

Parking Lot Conditions

•  Are school parking lots clear for drivers?

•  Can drivers safely walk from lots to entrances?

Bus stops/Sidewalks

•  Do students have a safe place to wait for the bus?

•  Are sidewalks clear so that students have safe access to bus stops?

•  Are students able to access sidewalks to walk safely to school?

Temperatures/Wind Chill

Windchill Chart edited

•  Are wind chill temperatures safe for students as they walk to school or wait at bus stops?

•  Are wind chill temperatures so extreme that automobile and bus reliability is in question?

•  OTHS uses a -30 degree wind chill as a benchmark to cancel school as indicated by the red line on the National Weather Service chart above.     The district may cancel school for wind chills less than -30 degrees if other factors are present that impact safety.


•  Are facilities suitable for use given the weather condition?

•  What are possible or probable issues for the facility given the weather conditions?


•  What are current weather conditions?

•  What is the weather forecast?

•  What issues will incoming weather potentially create?

   Other School Districts and Cooperatives

•  What decisions are being made by other area school districts?

•  How will their decision impact shared services, common classrooms, or shared events?

This list is not all inclusive, but it provides an idea of the issues that are considered when making the decision to cancel school.

At all times, the safety and well-being of our students and employees governs all decision-making regarding school closures.  OTHS will always err on the side of safety when making a decision.

Q:  Is there a delayed start schedule that OTHS uses when there is inclement weather?

OTHS does not have a delayed start schedule.  If there is inclement weather that results in safety concerns, school will be cancelled.

A delayed start time for the school day would necessitate a reduction of instructional minutes for various class periods during the day.  This reduction of class time would interfere with planned educational lessons.  Tests, labs, or other instructional activities may not have adequate time to be completed during the shortened class period, thus creating the inability to meet educational objectives as scheduled.  It is believed a delayed start to the school day is more detrimental to the learning sequence than to simply cancel school and reschedule the day in its entirety.  OTHS places the emphasis on learning, rather than just getting a day of school in the books.  In addition, transportation/bussing considerations make a delayed start schedule less desirable.

Q:  Why are students allowed to practice or compete in extracurricular activities when school has been cancelled?

Decisions to cancel extracurricular practices or competitions are made independently of the decision to cancel school.  Road and weather conditions change rapidly.  A decision made at 5:45 am may have very different conditions to evaluate when compared to a decision made much later in the day.  Sometimes a game or event is cancelled by the opposing team or host school, thus eliminating OTHS from the decision-making process.

If school is cancelled due to inclement weather and practices are able to be held later in the day, those practices will always be optional.  Students will not be penalized if they are unable to make practices on a snow day.  Coaches understand that some students live in more rural areas or have only 2-wheel drive vehicles, thus making travel more difficult.  Coaches also understand that some students may not be able to attend practices on snow days because they provide care for younger siblings.

Again, the safety and well-being of our students and employees guides all decision-making regarding practices and competitions during times of inclement weather.  The District understands that parents and guardians always have the option of keeping a student home if the District’s decision-making in regard to inclement weather differs from their own.

Thank you again for your understanding during the challenges of the winter season.

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Recent Real Estate Transactions – Jan 27, 2016

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   1622 Frontage Road; from Brent Wilson; to Boyd 43 LLC; $47,500

   1706 and 1714 Frontage Road; from Christopher McCoy; to Boyd 43 LLC; $450,000

656 Royal Crest Way; from Jean Smith; to Matthew and Heather Grudzien; $254,750

   1217 Usher Drive; from Greg and Cynthia Gherardini; to Scott and Andrea Seipp; $281,500

   338 Vermillion Drive; from Adam and Katherine Schweitzer; to Dymphna D’Agostino and Joan Haug; $140,000

   544 Glen Oak Drive; from Richard and Glenda Murray; to Ivan and Corina Arangure; $194,000

   302 Carson Drive; from Doris Collier (POA) and Kevin Kalmer (POA); to Habitat for Humanity Lewis & Clark; $15,500

   1577 Mary Todd Lane; from Michael and Christine Reiff; to Kim Curtis; $56,000

   1425 Winchester Grove Ct.; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc; to Patti and Karen Rensing; $260,502


   705 Santa Anna Court; from Shiloh Building Group LLC; to McGolden Inc.; $45,000

Pets of the Week – Jan 27, 2016


MAVERICK is the Pet of The Week! 

Maverick is a one year old male domestic short hair. He’s very good with other cats and is very easy going.


SYLVESTER is the Pet of The Week! 

Sylvester is a one and a half year old male domestic short hair. He’s super sweet, cuddly and laid back.

MAVERICK, SYLVESTER and other great pets are available at the St. Clair County Animal Adoption Center, located at 1250 South 11th Street in Belleville.

Casey Broadston sworn in as city’s newest police officer

Swearing In 2

Police and Fire Commissioner Horace Humphries swore in O’Fallon’s newest Police Officer, Casey Broadston. Ptl. Broadston has been a Community Service Officer with O’Fallon’s department for the past two and a half years. Ptl. Broadston has started his training with a three month stint in the Police Academy followed by 16 Weeks of Field Training. (Submitted Photo)

O’Fallon EMS offering hands-free CPR training

Public Safety Building

Public Safety Building

O’FALLON – O’Fallon EMS, in conjunction with Memorial Hospital, will be offering a free Hands-Only CPR class on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 from 6-9 p.m. at the Memorial Health Education Center (706 E. Hwy 50, O’Fallon, Illinois). Those who want to attend the class can register online at www.memhosp.com/heart_month_2016.

Hands-Only CPR is CPR without mouth-to-mouth breaths. It is recommended for use by people who see a teen or adult suddenly collapse in an “out-of-hospital” setting (such as at home, at work, or in a park). It consists of two easy steps:

Call 9-1-1 (or send someone to do that).

Push hard and fast in the center of the chest.

When you call 9-1-1, stay on the phone until the 9-1-1 dispatcher (operator) tells you to hang up. The dispatcher will ask about the emergency and details like location. It is important to be specific, especially if calling from a mobile phone not associated with a fixed location or address. Remember that answering the dispatcher’s questions will not delay the arrival of help.

For more information about the free Hands-Only CPR class, please call 618.257.5649

A View of the Past

1925 Prince Princess Float

This week’s view is of the 1925 Homecoming Prince and Princess float from a photo taken Sat. Aug. 22 that year at the corner of State and Lincoln in O’Fallon, with the First National Bank, now the O’Fallon History Museum, in the background.  The event was the 2 p.m. Children’s Parade, part of the 4th annual O’Fallon Homecoming festival, which was heading north to its destination at City Park,  just to the east of Old City Hall at Washington and Lincoln.  The prince, in top hat, was Robert Reidelberger and the princess, to his left, was Martha Willard.  The prince and princess, running as a couple, were elected by popular vote.  Ballot boxes were at local businesses and each vote cost one cent.  The 1925 winners received 20,290 votes.  The runners-up, Elmer Keller and Bernadine Pearson, received 12,743 votes.  This was the last year the Homecoming would be held in City Park.  It was held in the new Community Park in 1926.

(Contributed by Brian Keller, O’Fallon Historical Society)

Genevieve Bazan (1923-2016)

BazanGGenevieve Bazan

January 20, 1923 – January 14, 2016 

Genevieve Bazan, age 92, of O’Fallon, born January 20, 1923 in Jakobka, Poland, died Thursday, January 14, 2016 at her home, with family at her side.

Mrs. Bazan immigrated to the United States with her husband and young son in 1950. After raising six children, Genevieve worked as a trim assembler with Brown Shoe Company. She was a devoted wife and mother, and took great pride in cooking, always preparing good meals in her home. She was a much-loved mother and grandmother.

She was preceded in death by her husband Vincent Bazan, whom she married June 27, 1948 in Germany, and who passed away Febraury 6, 2014; her parents Josef and Viktoria, nee Waberska, Szymczak; and her son Richard Bazan.

Surviving are her five children Eugene (Diane) Bazan of Fairview Heights, Theresa (Vernon) Swalley of Caseyville, Edmund, Carol and Patricia Bazan, all of O’Fallon; daughter-in-law Margie Bazan of Nevada City, Calif.; and five grandchildren Isaac (Gillian) Bazan, Malachi (Anisa) Bazan, Rose (Chris) Hall, all of Calif.,  Grace (Jeff) Nelson, of Memphis, Tenn., and Gregory Bazan of Fairview Heights, Ill.

Memorial donations are suggested to Heartland Hospice and will be accepted at the funeral home. Condolences may be extended to the family by visiting www.wfh-ofallon.com.

Visitation was held on Sunday, January 17, 2016 at Wolfersberger Funeral Home, O’Fallon. Funeral took place following visitation on Sunday, January 17, 2016, at the funeral home, with Rev. James Deiters officiating. Private interment at St. Adalbert Cemetery, Fairview Heights, Illinois.

Arrangements entrusted to Wolfersberger Funeral Home O’Fallon, Illinois.

Michael William DeCarpentry (1982-2016)

DeCarpentryMichael William DeCarpentry

August 3, 1982 – January 12, 2016 

Michael William DeCarpentry, age 33, of O’Fallon, born August 3, 1982 in Bayonne, N.J., died January 12, 2016 at his home in O’Fallon, Ill.

Michael studied computer programming at Southwestern Illinois College, Belleville, Ill. He was a big sports fan,  cheered for the New York Mets, and enjoyed attending area sporting events. Michael was a parishioner at St. Clare Catholic Church where he attended young adult gatherings and served as Eucharistic Minister. Michael was a member of Knights of Columbus Council 4239 in O’Fallon. He was a loving and loyal son.

He was preceded in death by his father Donald William DeCarpentry.

Surviving are his mother Mary, nee Kelleher, DeCarpentry of O’Fallon; his long-time special friend Meaghan Bovich; his paternal grandmother Arthemia DeCarpentry; aunts Denise Szemple, Carol Hennings, Michele Kelleher, and uncle Donald Kelleher, Jr.

Condolences may be extended to the family by visiting www.wfh-ofallon.com.

Funeral:  Service will begin at 1:00 pm, Saturday, January 16, 2016 at Wolfersberger Funeral Home, with Rev. Jim Deiters officiating. Following the service, the family will receive friends until 5:00 pm. Burial will be in Holy Name Cemetery, Jersey City, N.J.

Arrangements entrusted to Wolfersberger Funeral Home O’Fallon, Illinois.

Weekly Traveller – The Weekly hangs with the guys close to home

100_1532   Rich Stein reads his copy of the O’Fallon Weekly at Hardee’s. Sitting with him is Vernon Boeckman and Tom Molitor. The three are part of about a dozen men who go to Hardee’s on a daily basis. They call their group the Hardee’s Boys.

Are you going on a trip? Take the O’Fallon Weekly along with you! Just take a photo of the Weekly while away from home and email it to us for the Weekly Traveller.  Please include who is pictured and where the photo was taken.  Email photos to Nick@OFallonWeekly.com and please mark them “Weekly Traveller.”

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Recent Real Estate Transactions – Jan 20, 2016

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   217 Peoria Lane; from David and Angela Wheeler; to Henry Austin; $272,000

405 Ponderosa #3; from Chong and Bernard Missey; to Nam Choe; $50,000

932 Indian Creek Drive; from Melissa and Jeremy Ellis; to Andrea and Kendrick Lewis; $205,000

806 Emerald Green Drive; from Joshua Caddell; to Cody Cooper; $130,000


   3522 Harbor Way; from Ryan McNeil; to Amy Westlund; $179,350

Moye Elementary January Character Students

Jan SelfControlThe Character Education Word of the month for January is self-control.  Self-control is having control over your thoughts and actions by making good choices.  The following students have been selected by their classroom teachers as exhibiting this character trait:​Landon Imes, Landri Chambers, Alex Wurtz, Barenger Clemons, Sam DiLoretta, London Dallas, Callie Baxter, MacKenzie Kohlberg, Blair Liggett, Sawyer Dowland, Markita Weekfall, Gabriella Askew, Evita Zimmerman, Sarela Osborne, Caden Clark, Brogan Hartmann, Devin Aiello, Aubrey Kolb, Maggie Johnson, Grant Tebbe, Ella Russo, Audrey Dowland, Kayla Graney, Ethan Nieroda, Logan Kampmann, Avah Reinacher, Nick Norman, Aaron Fowler, Abby Sarten , Melissa Cruz (Submitted Photo)