Between the Pages: Student Athletes- let us celebrate you

By: Angela Simmons, Weekly Editor

Governor Pritzker addressed students specifically in a recent address, telling them he knows that this isn’t how they envisioned their spring semester. My heart truly aches for our students that are missing their teachers and friends, the events they’ve dreamed of, and the sports seasons they’ve worked so hard for.

I kept trying to think of a way that we at the Weekly could help these students, and I would like to put out a call to our senior student athletes, and their parents and coaches- let us celebrate you. We can’t attend your games right now, can’t take pictures of you in action, and can’t report on your (surely) winning seasons and great games, but we’d like to use our sports section to celebrate your athletic careers.

Please send us a photo, and answer these questions:How long have you been playing your sport? How long have you been playing at OTHS? What are your plans for your future? What have you loved most about your time at OTHS?

Parents and coaches- please encourage your student athletes to take part, and please feel free to send us quotes about your senior players. This is open to all of our seniors, but I would especially love to hear from our student athletes that are missing out on their senior seasons of lacrosse, baseball, softball, track, tennis, boys volleyball, and girls soccer. 

All information can be sent to me at