Boat used to assist flood victims is stolen

O’FALLON – For a local resident who helped his neighbors when flood waters kept them trapped inside, no good deed goes unpunished.

According to O’Fallon Township Highway Commissioner Mark Downs, a resident who used his boat to help neighbors travel over recent flood waters found his boat stolen after the water subsided.  The township has elected to keep the identity of the victim private.

“I’m just trying to get the guy his boat back. He was taking residents that were stranded out there to one side of Silver Creek to the other so they could get to and from work and to the store for groceries,” Downs said. “He was being a good neighbor as far as I’m concerned, going above and beyond.”

Downs said he appreciated the resident’s help as it allowed him to concentrate on other issues related to the rains and flooding.

“The previous commissioner hauled groceries back and forth in a backhoe bucket when this area flooded back in 1995 or so. So he saved me some headaches and I’m going to do whatever I can to get this guy his boat back,” said Downs.

Downs is requesting that anyone who has any information about the boat call the township office at (618) 632-3517. He said if the boat is returned, no questions will be asked.

“A person tries to help his neighbors and gets a poke in the eye,” Downs said.

The boat was described as an eight foot john boat with a trolling motor. Downs said it was small enough that two men could have lifted it into the back of a pickup truck with little problem.  It was last seen in late December around 8734 Old Lebanon-Troy Road.

Jon boat flyer