Car broken into at township building topic of discussion at board of trustees meeting

O’FALLON – O’Fallon Township Supervisor Gary Ahle took some time during his report at the township board of trustee meeting to discuss a car break in that took place outside of the Food Pantry.

On Friday, August 21, three individuals were caught on camera acting suspiciously at the township building. One of the three would stay in their car while the other two would go in and then leave the building.

“What they were doing is two of them would come inside and one would stay in the car. Every time they’d go back outside they’d nudge the camera up a bit trying to change its line of sight. They didn’t bump it high enough and we have them on tape,” Ahle said.

According to Ahle, the three reached into a car through a rolled down window and stole money, cigarettes, and a winning lotto ticket from a car parked around the back of the building.

“We called the police and when they finally got out here, we talked to them. We know one of the three. The car was parked at the food pantry but its our property,” Ahle said.

The township wants to have the three charged with trespassing once the police identify all of the people involved. Ahle said more than once that the township was familiar with one of the three individuals, but wouldn’t say their name.

“We know one individual involved and he’s caused problems before in the past. We don’t want them out here,” he said.

According to Ahle, the owner of the car doesn’t want to get involved and its his understanding that the owner won’t press charges.

The O’Fallon Police Department are currently investigating.

In other business…
The township trustees approved the appointment of Annie Roberts and Ben Dalman to the Township Youth Committee.

The employees of the road district were commended for filling in the cracks in the sidewalk at the township building. Trustees reported the sidewalks looked great.

Following up on a discussion from last month’s meeting, it was reported that the senior committee has all but decided to officially raise the fee for the monthly senior dinners to three dollars from its current price of two dollars. The increase is to be used to pay for quality entertainment. Many of the trustees expressed they had talked to residents who all were fine with the increase and were excited to see some good entertainment.

The next meeting of the O’Fallon Township Board of Trustees will be on Wednesday, October 7, at 7 p.m. at the township building.