Central 104 Board of Education allows students to attend District 90 schools

By Nick Miller

O’FALLON – The Central 104 Board of Education approved a resolution Monday evening allowing residents living on Carnegie Knolls Road, a road attached to the subdivision Parcs of Arbor Green, to send their children to District 90 schools even though they reside in the Central School District.

The resolution will allow the four students impacted by the boundary issue to attend District 90 schools for one year while the residents of Carnegie Knolls Road appeal to the Regional Office of Education to have their homes permanently listed within District 90 boundaries.

At the July District 90 Board of Education meeting, it was announced by Superintendent Carrie Hruby that four students who reside on Carnegie Knolls Road were mistakenly registered and should have been attending Central District 104 schools based on the zoning of the neighborhood.

At the meeting, Hruby said an intergovernmental agreement was made between the two districts to allow the four students to continue to attend District 90 schools for the 2018-19 school year. However, the resolution adopted by District 90 was different than the one originally approved by the Central 104 Board at their July meeting, resulting in the need for the Central Board to address the issue again at Monday’s meeting. 

“Central School District 104 provides a quality education for all students in our district. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate how we can serve the needs of all students within our district boundaries. However, without compromising its boundaries, the District 104 Board of Education finds it appropriate to allow the affected children to switch schools for the 2018-19 school year only. Under these circumstances, the Board is approving a one year agreement,” said Board President Sarah Svoboda. 

The impacted students will begin classes at their appropriate District 90 schools on Wednesday, August 15.