Changes discussed to proposed new medical office building

A 3D rendering of the proposed medical office building to be located along Regency Park, next door to Enjoy Church.

By Martha Stoffel

O’FALLON – At the September 17, 2018 City Council meeting, an amendment to the ordinance for a Medical Office building, to be constructed at 301 Regency Park, was approved by council. The second reading of the ordinance came before the Community Development Committee Monday night that included the amended language giving the city the authority to require cross-access construction in the parking lot if deemed necessary by the city. 

The original ordinance language stated a cross-access connection “will not be required unless mutually agreed to by the lot owner and the owner of the adjacent lot.” The amended ordinance now reads “will not be required unless at any such point in time where the City at its discretion, believes the cross-access is necessary, the developer will be required to construct the cross-access within an agreed upon timeline or mutually agreed to by the lot owner and the owner of the adjacent lot.” 

The applicant spoke to the committee asking for the council to approve the original ordinance, citing a cross-access connection would remove needed parking and put their patients at risk from traffic through the cross-access point. The medical office building will be providing cancer treatment services. If the council did not wish to return the ordinance to its original presentment, the applicant made a suggestion for a change that would allow the city to the right to require a cross-access connection should the planned use of the facility or ownership change.

The committee was unable to take action on any items Monday night because of the lack of a quorum. Staff indicated the amended ordinance language, as well as the language from the applicant, will be provided to the council at the next city council meeting. Council members in attendance at the committee meeting were favorable to the applicant’s revision.