Check out the new group fitness options at the Plex

We’ve told you time and time again that group fitness is where it’s at when it comes to switching up your workout routine. This fall, the MetroRecPlex is offering you some new opportunities to do just that through new and exciting group fitness classes for members of every level of fitness!

First, we will be offering Insanity! This class involves some seriously intense interval training. Basically, in this class you will work hard for a full three to five minutes with short breaks between exercises. Noted for its ability to build muscle and burn calories, Insanity! is proud to note that it tones and tightens more quickly than other workouts. 

This workout is definitely not your momma’s aerobics class and is something that will challenge even the most accomplished of gymrats. However, the various modifications and options allow students to go at their own pace.  There are a lot of explosive jumping movements that can be turned in to low-impact movements instead. 

Another new class starting at the MetroRecPlex the week of August 20th is Power Yoga. The Power Yoga class at the Plex will require a bit more energy than a typical yoga class as it includes several vinyasas while giving the instructor the flexibility to teach any poses in any order, making every class different. Power Yoga has an emphasis on strength and flexibility and has a minimal amount of chanting and meditation. 

If you love Zumba, you’ve got to try DanceFit. A dance-based workout that has a mix of cardio and strength training, DanceFit is great for sculpting the entire body while learning a few new moves. In addition to these new classes, we’ve also brought on some new, highly motivated and trained instructors to teach an all-new version of our AquaFit class and our Bootcamp classes. 

If you’ve never tried a group fitness class, now is the perfect time.  Each instructor is trained to work with students at every fitness level and ready to help you get in shape, stay in shape, or push your workout to the next level!

The MetroRecPlex Group Fitness classes will give you:

1. Proficient guidance with no guessing

2. Accountability to commit to a workout routine

3. Social support

4. You’ll look at movement in a new way

5. It’s FUN

New classes officially begin on August 20th, but there are sneak peeks of the classes available this week on Wednesday and Thursday! See you at the Plex!