City Council gets organized and prepares to welcome new members

By Martha Stoffel

O’FALLON – The Committee of the Whole meeting held Monday provided training for aldermen and committee assignments for the next two years. Mayor Herb Roach also announced the city has received the official results from the April 2nd election. Aldermen will be sworn in at the May 6th City Council meeting. 

New committee member assignments are as follows:

• Finance Committee: Chair – Mark Morton, Vice Chair – Nathan Parchman, Chris Monroe, Jessica Lotz, Ray Holden and Dan Witt

• Parks & Environment Committee: Chair – Jerry Albrecht, Vice Chair – Gwen Randolph, Mark Morton, Dennis Muyleart, and Tom Vorce

• Public Works Committee: Chair – Dan Witt, Vice Chair – Ross Rosenberg, Matt Gilreath, Gwen Randolph, Dennis Muyleart, and Todd Roach

• Public Safety Committee: Chair – Kevin Hagarty, Vice Chair – Jessica Lotz, Matt Gilreath, Ross Rosenberg and Chris Monroe

• Community Development Committee: Chair – Ray Holden, Vice Chair – Todd Roach, Jerry Albrecht, Tom Vorce, Nathan Parchman, and Kevin Hagarty

Deputy City Clerk Maryanne Schrader provided the council information on a variety of topics, to include the Open Meetings Act (OMA), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and a review of the parliamentary procedure using Robert’s Rules of Order. 

Human Resource Manager April Mitchell reviewed various human resource policies for elected officials, covering topics like gifts, computer and email usage, identity and privacy protection policy, social media, and sexual harassment. Mitchell also covered alderman pay of $200 per council meeting and $125 for a special meeting (like the City Council retreat to be held on June 15th). 

It was also announced at the beginning of the meeting that an additional vote regarding the development known as Advanced Veterinary Center, LLC, to be located at 706 and 800 East Highway 50, will need to be made at the next council meeting. There was some confusion during the April 15th meeting after an amendment was made and approved by council. The final vote on the amended motion was not made, so council will correct the oversight next week.