Commission approves senior living facility, church in Vetta Sports

Gary Dial of Community Bible Church. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Annabelle Knef)

O’FALLON – At a planning commission meeting on Tuesday, April 9, the commission approved recommendations for a senior living facility along Frank Scott Parkway and Community Bible Church in the Vetta Sports building on Hartman Lane. 

The senior living facility known as Keystone Place at Richland Creek would be located at 1050 Fountain Lakes Drive on the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Frank Scott Parkway and Fountain Lakes Drive. 

The applicant, Fernando Casey of Nascon, LLC, filed an application to the city of O’Fallon requesting a zoning amendment and planned use approval to construct the 152-unit, four story and 167,874 square foot facility. 

The applicant is requesting the property be rezoned from “B-1(P)” Planned Community Business District to “MR-2(P)” Multi-Family Residence Dwelling District. 

The 4.9 acre site is currently vacant and was previously approved for a retail center and restaurant but was never constructed. 

The senior living facility would offer three different unit types, including independent living units, assisted living units and memory care units. It would have 53 independent living units with 34 one-bed and 19 two- bed units, 75 assisted living units with 60 one-bed and 15 two-bed units and 24 memory care one-bed units. 

The O’Fallon planning commission approved staff recommendation for approval of the Keystone Place at Richland Creek project with the following conditions: 

• Parking requirements for the senior living facility move from 186 spaces to 115 spaces, per ITE recommended parking calculations for retirement facilities.

• If the cross-access easement is obtained, the easement and joint maintenance agreement/covenants will be required for the access points with the apartments and senior living facility. 

• There will be a park land dedication requirement of 0.528 acres, with the requirement being fulfilled through a fee in lieu of land in the amount of $26,928.

• The building will need to be constructed with fiber cement siding, not vinyl siding. 

Nick Burrus of Milano and Grunloh Engineers. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Annabelle Knef)

Nick Burrus of Milano and Grunloh Engineers was present at the Tuesday meeting to show support for the senior living facility project. 

The commission then oversaw the application from Community Bible Church requesting a planned use authorization for a parcel of land at 590 Hartman Lane for a church in a B-1 (P) Planned Community Business zone district.

The building located on the property is currently used for Vetta Sports. The application indicates the proposal is for the reuse of the existing structure and parking lot for the church, including the use of the building for church services, offices and meetings.

Gary Dial of Community Bible Church said the intent of the church is renovate the inside for use and meet city requirements as well. “And to hopefully make improvements to the structure itself and provide benefits to the community.” 

Dan Polites, who owns property south of the Vetta Sports building, attended the April 9 meeting to show support for Community Bible Church and said it’s a “nice addition” to the O’Fallon community. 

The O’Fallon planning commission approved staff recommendation for approval of Community Bible Church with the following conditions: 

• The occupancy of the church shall not exceed the city’s minimum parking requirements for spaces provided on the property.  Based on the current 131 parking spaces — the maximum occupancy is limited to 327 people.  If at any time the church were to construct additional parking on-site, the city would reevaluate the maximum capacity.

• No expansion of parking or the building is permitted with this planned use.

• The property must be cleaned up and restored prior to occupying the building, including; street trees along Hartman Lane, all lighting standards shall be repaired and operational and the drainage ditch present along the southern property line will need to be cleaned up to ensure the parking space depths are achieved.

• No parking shall occur off-site.

• If the area to the east of the building is to be used for parking, it must be upgraded to new parking lot standards.

• Due to the nature of the nearby drainage ditch, encroachment could occur on the ditch; however, if the riparian area of the ditch is encroached upon by future development additional best practices for stabilizing and maintaining the ditch will need to be constructed in accordance with the Public Works Department. 

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