Committee provides early support to Scott-Troy stoplight

Signs have been put up at the intersection by the Committee requesting a stop light at Scott-Troy Road and Old Vincennes Trail/Borchers Lane.
(O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Annabelle Knef)

By Martha Stoffel

O’FALLON – The Public Works committee approved a resolution of support for the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Scott Troy Road and Old Vincennes Trail/Borchers Lane Monday night. The resolution will appear before full council on Monday, October 1, 2018.

The resolution and a letter of support from the city of O’Fallon will be sent to the St. Clair County Board Chairman, Mark Kern. A similar resolution and letter were sent from the city in September 2015. Staff indicated they plan to send the resolution and letter to additional county officials this time, including the County Engineer and County Board members.

Representatives of the Troy Scott Road/Old Vincennes Trail/Borchers Lane Stoplight Campaign have spoken to the Public Works committee, City Council and O’Fallon Township to gather support and guidance to get some sort of traffic mitigation system put in place at that intersection. The group is currently gathering support from the community via a Facebook page (@StoplightCampaign), an online petition and signs at the intersection to gain more visibility for the group. 

St. Clair County has authority over Scott Troy Road and the decision to place a stoplight at the intersection. The city funded an Intersection Improvement Assessment in 2016 with CBB Transportation Engineers & Planners to identify and evaluate alternatives to alleviate congestion. The result of the study indicated neither widening of the road nor a stoplight were warranted at that intersection. The 2016 assessment used 2014 traffic collection information, but also provided 2035 traffic projections.

Committee chair Rich Meile provided guidance to the Stoplight Campaign Committee that they will need to attend the St. Clair County Transportation Committee meeting on October 15, 2018 and next attend the County Board meeting. 

Public Works Director Jeff Taylor said providing the county with the resolution and letter of support is the first step to take. Conversations between the county, city and township could follow to determine if a cost-sharing project could be done. Taylor believes the project could be eligible for federal grants that could cover potentially up to 80 percent of the costs.