Cornerstone Christian Church opens new location in O’Fallon

O’FALLON – Cornerstone Christian Church recently opened a new location in O’Fallon.

Cornerstone pastor Josh Kinney said that the original campus of Cornerstone is still in operation but they opened a second location at Carriel Jr. High in O’Fallon due to a growing attendance

“The conversation started for our leadership back in August of 2017,” Kinney said. “We had been talking about it up to that point but we actually brought in an outside consultant group.” 

Kinney said that the consultant group did an assessment on Cornerstone’s readiness to be a multisite church – “where churches have one church but multiple locations.”

“We were given a positive assessment on being ready to do that,” he said. 

“Toward the end of the year we laid that out to our church that we were going to be opening a new campus – we believe God was leading us to O’Fallon.”

Kinney said during that same timeline, Cornerstone leadership asked if he would become O’Fallon’s “site” pastor. 

“From November through September, we were in our pre launch phase. That phase for us was a pretty long 10 months,” Kinney said. 

Kinney said that during the time, the church built a launch team and did various events within the community. He described the new campus launch as a “grassroots marketing campaign.” 

Services in O’Fallon began on Sunday, Sept. 9 – the first weekend after Labor Day. 

Two different services are offered at both the Shiloh and O’Fallon locations on Sunday’s, 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. 

Kinney said that Cornerstone Christian Church felt “compelled” to open a campus in O’Fallon because the Shiloh location was nearing capacity. 

Kinney and other church leaders began doing internal audits, polling, looking at where people live and current growth within the community. 

“O’Fallon is the fastest growing community in the Metro East,” Kinney said. “That coupled with the fact that we had over 200 adults who were from O’Fallon that were worshipping in Shiloh – we felt there was a large contingency of folks that already invested in this community that we could help be even more invested if we were to put a church there.”

Kinney said that it has been a “great process” for Cornerstone Christian Church. 

“It’s had its challenges like anything. Anything that you’re starting – it’s not easy.”

Kinney said that the primary thing the church needed to do was secure the O’Fallon location. After he visited Carriel Jr. High, Kinney felt as though it was the “ideal” place. 

“We began a conversation with the principal and then we talked with the district – it took time to assess,” he said. “We had a place to meet but not equipment – it’s not as simple as ‘we want to start a church.’”

“We have been prayerful,” he said. “God has been keeping doors open for us instead of them just staying shut. For us – it has been reassuring.”

Kinney said that long term goals for Cornerstone Christian Church consist of securing a permanent location that would be their own facility. 

“It’s more in the periphery than right in front of us,” he said. 

Kinney said that the church has crafted a new vision that has to do with outreach in the Metro East. 

“We are for the Metro East,” he said. “We want the Metro East to be a better place to live.” 

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