County Board approves ownership change of Shiloh Valley Township Road

By Pam Funk

BELLEVILLE – At their April 29, 2019 Board Meeting, the St. Clair County Board unanimously approved a resolution allowing Shiloh Valley Township Road, from Rieder Road to the beginning of the State of Illinois maintenance, to be transferred to the St. Clair County Highway system from the O’Fallon Road District.  

The County will pay O’Fallon Road District $40,000 for the roadway.  The transfer was unanimously approved by the St. Clair County Board and will facilitate the free flow of traffic and insure safety to the motoring public.  

Currently, this segment of road is rural in nature and not designed for large trucks or major traffic.  St. Clair County approved the plans for Bobcat to build a new facility in this area and the City of O’Fallon is actively working to market the northern acreage for light industrial/warehousing uses.  Improvements to this road will greatly enhance the marketability of this entire area.

In other news…

• The Board approved an ordinance establishing civil fees and criminal and traffic assessments to be charged by the Circuit Clerk.  The Illinois General Assembly passed comprehensive legislation in 2018, which completely overhauled the criminal, traffic and civil fee structures in the circuit courts throughout the State of Illinois.  The purpose of the legislation was to consolidate fees into unified schedules for all counties, to realign fees to be constitutional, and to provide for fee waivers for low income individuals.  

The St. Clair County Board was required to update their fee ordinance in order to comply with the new law.  The new fees will go into effect July 1, 2019.

• The Board also unanimously passed a resolution authorizing the County Board Chairman to submit a letter of notification to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for reallocation of Community Block Grant (CDBG) Program Years 2015-2019 goals/funds.  The reallocation reduced Demolition from 50 to 0 and Economic Development from 10 to 0.  The reduction in those goals allowed for additional public infrastructure and public service projects throughout the County.

• The Board authorized the County to enter into litigation with the City of East St. Louis regarding the operation of Cencom West.  Cencom West is an entity of the St. Clair County Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB) and provides police and fire dispatching services for the City of East St. Louis.  Currently, the money owed to Cencom is around $210,000.

The ETSB is an agency of St. Clair County.  While the ETSB has the authority to enter into intergovernmental agreements and contracts, such as the one with the City of East St. Louis, the Board doesn’t have the power to litigate.  The County Board must initiate litigation on behalf of the ETSB.