County Board authorizes plan to secure MetroLink with deputies

By Pam Funk

BELLEVILLE – The St. Clair County Board took action at their recent meeting to provide extra security on the MetroLink, courtesy of the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office.

An agreement approved by the Board with Bi-State states the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department will provide 15 uniformed deputies that will be present on MetroLink trains, in stations and on parking lots. The agreement is for one year and Bi-State will pay St. Clair County $1,620,943 over the term of the agreement, with payments to be made monthly. The $1,620,943 includes regular salary, fringe benefits, holiday/sick buyout, and an overtime budget of $19,627.  

Administrative control of work assignments and deployment will be the responsibility of Bi-State and operational command and control of the Sheriff’s Deputies will be the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Unit Commander in consultation with Bi-State.  

According to Chairman Kern, this agreement will not impact coverage of the County by Patrol Deputies. 

“County residents will continue to receive the same level of service with no loss in manpower,” Chairman Kern told the Board.

The Board also approved a resolution authorizing a Mutual Aid Agreement between St. Clair County and St. Louis, Missouri, for Law Enforcement Services and Activity on MetroLink property. This resolution allows St. Clair County Deputies to have all law enforcement authority provided by Missouri law including authority to arrest, detain, cite, report and take all other actions authorized to peace officers in the State of Missouri for any violation or alleged violation of a City of St. Louis ordinance on MetroLink property while within the geographic boundaries of the City of St. Louis.