County Board gives approval to seek FAA grant for MidAmerica Airport improvements

By Pam Funk

BELLEVILLE – The St. Clair County Board authorized the Public Building Commission/Airport to pursue an FAA Airport Improvement Program Grant at their monthly meeting Monday night. 

If awarded, this grant money would be used to make improvements to the passenger terminal at MidAmerica Airport, beginning in 2019.  The total cost of the two-year program is estimated at $24-28 million, of which the County taxpayers would be responsible for the local match estimated at $6-7 million.  

Craig Hubbard from O’Fallon and David Tiedemann from Shiloh are the only County Board members that voted no.  

Improvements the first year include:

• The relocation of TSA screening to the first floor

• Expansion of the outbound baggage area

• Relocation of Gate 1

• Expansion of the
second-floor hold rooms

• Relocation of the concession area

• Reconfiguring of the TSA exit lanes

• Overlay/reconfigure Air Terminal Drive

• Overlay/reconfigure terminal drop-off/curb frontage

• Upgrade/replace all roadway signage

• Upgrade Illinois Route 4 intersection with Airport Boulevard