Cycle at the Plex

Sure, riding a bike outside is a wonderful experience.  The fresh air, the blue sky…the speeding cars, the freezing cold subarctic temperatures…

At the MetroRecPlex, it’s okay to take a break from your Radio Flyer and warm your muscles up where it’s warm.  The Spin/Cycle class is the perfect winter warm up for the well-trained athlete or the weekend warrior that’s just trying to maintain a healthy heart and good cardiovascular health.

Cycling at the Plex is one of the lowest impact classes that still has a high impact on the heart rate.  What that means is that your joints won’t have to pay for the cardio that your body needs; something that often happens with running or plyometrics (jumping).  In Cycle, the heart rate rises, but the bike takes all of the impact.  And yes, the bikes might seem like something you aren’t ready to try, but according to the Cycle instructor, Carrie Butler, it’s easy to make sure that everyone is comfortable each and every time they ride.

“Newbies always come in and everyone is intimidated by the bikes.  But, there’s nothing scary about them.  Yes, the saddle is uncomfortable initially, but as the instructor, I make sure that each person in the class understands the mechanics of the bike and the mechanics of the body, allowing them to settle comfortably in to position.”

Carrie explained that each person in the class chooses how hard that he or she wants to go.  This means that if one person needs to go at a slower speed or another needs a steeper incline, the bikes allow for that modification without affecting the class as a whole.  This allows each person in the class to choose the level of difficulty each time.  Not to mention the fact that on average, a person in the cycle class will burn 500 calories for every 30 minutes of exercise.  Most group fitness classes average half of that.  If you need to track those fitness goals that you’ve set for the new year, Carrie says that the equipment at the MetroRecPlex is ready to work with you.

“Our monitors will work with your Fitbit or any other technology that you might be using, and we can show you how to make sure that each one is set up properly.”

Cycle is just one of the many group fitness classes offered at the MetroRecPlex, and anyone with a membership has the ability to create and tailor their own fitness routine, working in the classes that fit their schedule and even creating their own work out in the circuit training area or the weight room.  Cycle classes take place in the morning and in the evening on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and every morning on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  When it comes to her Cycle class, Carrie has one thing to say to her students:

“All I want my students to do is stay on that bike for at least thirty minutes.  That’s it.  And then I want them to come back and do it again.”