Delores Moye Elementary names Character Students for February

Feb Honesty

The Character Education word of the month at Delores Moye Elementary School for the month of February is Honesty ~ being truthful with your words and in your actions.  The following are students who are being recognized for their honesty: Wyatt Junge, Fayez Sabrah, Sam Bradley, Mila Venne, Logan Musser, Ava Brown, Mathias Gassen, Evie Johnson, Madison Lay, Marcus Marrel, Anthony Schulz, Kylie Sparrow, Jayden Wiegand, Jake Getty, Lorelei McDaniel, Nikalus Sova, Karly Tammaro, Joey Wilson, Isabelle Flores, Ethan Nelson, Dahntay Williams, Evan Faulk, Kyra Lehrman, Brooklynne Schaeffer, Zachary Scott, Hunter Bindrim, Koreyia Johnson, Kaison Powers, Bridget Custer, Mekai Higgins. (Submitted Photo)