District 85 Supt. says firm has been selected to conduct area school consolidation study

SHILOH – At the Shiloh District 85 meeting on January 23, Superintendent Dale Sauer said an agency has been selected to conduct a consolidation study on local districts. 

Sauer said the O’Fallon- Shiloh Chamber of Commerce is serving as a non-partisan party to see if consolidation is feasible. 

“At this point, they have found the appropriate agencies to conduct the study. We hope to name them within the week. The intent is to work through the spring and to have some semblance of a product by the end of June,” Sauer said. 

Sauer said that District 85 has not committed money to the project but has been “cooperative and helpful.”

“We do want a clear study done,” he said. “We want our public to have good information. Over the next several months, our office will be providing financial data and other data to this agency.”

According to Sauer, the city of O’Fallon has contributed $7500 and the Village of Shiloh has contributed $5000 to the consolidation study. The study will be taken “as a whole” and not on an individual district case study. 

At the Jan. 23 meeting, the Shiloh board approved a motion to approve Michelle Rensing as Shiloh School Treasurer. 

Michele Tiberend, Shiloh School Treasurer and Secretary, is retiring after two decades of service to the district. 

“If you know her, she is very dedicated, very dignified and very professional,” Sauer said. “She has put two kids through the system, served on the school board before she took up the role of 25 years as board secretary and treasurer. She has done phenomenally. I have yet to meet a person who takes their job so personally.” 

While it is customary for Shiloh to purchase a plaque for a retiring member of the district, Tiberend requested that the money for the plaque be used to pay off lunch fees for Shiloh students. 

“That is what we will do in honor of her,” Sauer said. 

At the Wednesday meeting, Shiloh Middle School principal Darin Loepker recognized Mr. Sauer during the meeting and spoke of his “selflessness.” 

“He’s always putting other people in front of his needs. He’s thinking of other people and it’s a testament to his character and his thoughtfulness that he is on the regional board of directors of the American Cancer Society. I wanted to acknowledge that and make sure that we all knew that.”

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