District 90 and the Weekly Present the April 2019 Student Service Award Recipients

The following students have been named by their principals in recognition for their efforts to make their school and community a better place.

Hinchcliffe Elementary 
Lucy Blankenship

Lucy is a future leader in the making! Whether it is leading by personal example or being the leader during group and project work, she leads by setting a positive example. As classroom leader, Lucy takes over as the teacher and continues on with a lesson if there is a classroom interruption. She hops up in the teacher chair and continues the lesson with her best “teacher voice,” asking students questions and giving out compliments and encouraging words to her classmates. Her teacher said, “One time during group work when a student was upset because he struggled reading a specific word, Lucy calmly and respectfully acknowledged his frustration, helped him calm down, and helped him use decoding strategies with the word. She has a genuine concern, kindness, and acceptance for others. Lucy Blankenship is very deserving of this award.”

Evans Elementary
Reagan Rettig

Reagan Rettig is a conscientious student who always puts her best effort into her work. She often goes above and beyond in her writing. Reagan likes to help others get along and encourages caring and being respectful to others. She will help students that need additional assistance with work or activities.  Reagan’s teacher said, “I heard Reagan explain to other students how sometimes you have to forgive and move on to get along with them. She is a great classmate and student here at Evans!”

Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary
Juliann Neeley

Juliann Neeley shows great citizenship in everything she does! She is always caring and considerate to her classmates. Juliann is always willing to lend a hand to students and adults alike. She gives her best effort in her academics, and shows respect to EK School with both her actions and words. 

Delores Moye Elementary
Steven Markwardt

Steven Markwardt is a preschooler at Moye Elementary School. He is always willing to help his friends and help around the classroom. He is an extremely hard worker and is always excited to be at school. Steven is such a good friend. When we get new students, Steven is the first one to volunteer to show them around and make them feel welcome! We are so proud of Steven!

Marie Schaefer Elementary
Parker Kinney

Parker is always empathetic, thoughtful and helpful to others. His teacher noted a time when Parker ran over to help a fellow student after he fell playing soccer.  Parker made sure he was ok and helped him up.  When a classmate fell in the classroom recently Parker alerted his teacher and stayed by his side while patting his back.  He was so concerned that he kept asking if he could go check on the injured classmate. Parker then offered to gather all of his classmate’s belongings to take them to the nurse’s office, and made sure the class saved a birthday treat for him to have when he returned the next day. Parker also displays empathy and care for Schaefer’s Mr. Daren who is bravely battling cancer. Parker seeks Daren out daily to ask him how he feels, bring him a treat, and give him a hug.  It has touched Daren deeply that Parker and his family have shown him such great kindness and empathy. Parker also encourages his classmates and others daily to do their best. Parker’s teacher said, “I have known him to help the younger children when they have needed help in the hallway, or remind them of expectations. Parker definitely has a heart for others and is a true example of kindness and empathy!” 

Carriel Junior High
Kaitlyn Spinnie

Katie is and always has been an excellent student at Carriel.  She always enters the classroom with a positive attitude and helpful hand.   Her helpful spirit, reliability and hard-work make her a  student that teachers can trust to help with important tasks.  Katie is inspiring to others and has demonstrated strong leadership within the student community.  She is a Captain of the Dance Team and serves as an active member of NJHS. She has helped with numerous service opportunities including working the concession stand for basketball and volleyball games, helping the Little Panthers program with wrestling and lacrosse games, the Pennies for Pasta fundraiser, and tutoring at Moye.

Fulton Junior High
Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney is the recipient of this month’s Student Service Award due to his passionate participation in many activities at Edward A. Fulton Junior High School. Serving as an executive board member for Student Council, Chris recently represented Fulton at the state convention in Springfield. Beyond his service to Student Council, Chris is an active member of the Scholar Bowl Team, NJHS, and Boy Scouts (to name a few). Chris epitomizes the meaning of leadership and is an excellent example of everything a Fulton Panther should be!