District 90 and the Weekly Present the December 2018 Student Service Award Recipients

The following students have been named by their principals in recognition for their efforts to make their school and community a better place.

Hinchcliffe Elementary
Corinne Lillis (on right)

Corinne Lillis is wonderful with her schoolmate, Briella.  She constantly looks out for her.  Corinne takes initiative to go down and get the school supplies Briella’s needs for the day,  such as her spelling list or headphones.  Corinne is a wonderful friend and mentor.  She sets a great example of someone who is caring and patient, while demonstrating a terrific sense of humor.  Hinchcliffe is proud of her kind heart and caring personality!

Evans Elementary
Brayden Bernreuter

Brayden Bernreuter is a true kid of character who displays respect, responsibility, and good choice making on a daily basis.  He is always willing to be helpful to his classmates and his teachers.  His teacher, Mr. Bell says, “Brayden is eager to do things out of the sense of doing what is right, without any care or concern about getting a reward.  We are proud to have Brayden represent the Evans Eagles!”

Estelle Kampmeyer
Sibulele Memani

Sibu is a caring student in the third grade at Estelle Kampmeyer. He often volunteers to stay in at recess and help another child with math. Jumping at any chance to help students and staff, he exudes enthusiasm. This goes for learning as well. He doesn’t give up until he understands a concept, and will go above and beyond to expand his learning. His positive personality is contagious. 

Delores Moye Elementary
Matty Weatherly

Matty Weatherly is an all around great person. Matty is a good student who always does his best.  Also, he is a friend to everyone which was very evident this Fall when a student who was new to Illinois joined our classroom.  Matty helped this boy by showing him around school and learning our routines.  Matty is a wonderful example of kindness.

Marie Schaefer Elementary
Samantha Valentine

Through an application and interview process, Samantha was selected by her teachers to serve as the Mayor of Biztown (a Junior Achievement business learning lab program).  Samantha was selected because she is an excellent leader, respectful of all of her classmates, and a positive role model for others. While at Biztown she addressed the entire “town” in multiple formal speeches. Samantha thanked the numerous volunteers for their service and was in charge of making sure the businesses ran smoothly and had all the materials to be successful. She was responsible for selecting the “Business of the Day” and the “Citizens of the Day.” This decision was particularly difficult because all of the Schaefer 5th graders were outstanding during the simulation.  Throughout the school year, Samantha has helped other classmates that were struggling with various issues; from organization to making friends. She consistently volunteers to help anyone who needs it.

Carriel Junior High
Jesse Dittmar, Isabella Saldana

Fulton Junior High
Nathanael Boston, Bryce Mikos, Devin Aiello

Several O’Fallon District 90 Students were recently selected to perform in the All-Illinois Jr. Band, held at the University of Illinois.  This is an All-State Level band where students send in recorded auditions from across Illinois, and the top performers are invited to perform in the All-State Band for two days in February.

Nathanael Boston and Bryce Mikos, both 8th graders from Fulton Jr. High were selected on trumpet, along with Jesse Dittmar and Isabella Saldana, both 8th graders from Carriel Jr. High were selected on flute.  Additionally, Devin Aiello, a 7th grader from Fulton Jr. High was selected as the first alternate for percussion. 

All five are in the District 90 Bands, were selected as Illinois Music Education Association All-District Musicians, and participate in the District 90 Symphonic Winds.  Nathanael, Bryce, and Devin are also in the Fulton Jazz band, while Isabella plays piano in the Carriel Jazz Band.  They all take private lessons on their instruments and wanted to thank their private instructors: Mr. Matt Bittles, Mr. Rob Boston, Dr. Matthew Allison, and Mr. Brian O’Donnell.

Mr. Mark Donahue, the District 90 Band Director, said; “All five of the kids are exceptionally driven.  You can find them practicing their instruments every day of the week and setting really ambitious goals for themselves.  They are leaders in the band program and we’re very excited for their accomplishments!