District 90 and the Weekly Present the February 2019 Student Service Award Recipients

The following students have been named by their principals in recognition for their efforts to make their school and community a better place.

Hinchcliffe Elementary 
Cash Broyles

Cash is a second grade student in Mrs. Jackie Deters classroom. Cash is a wonderful addition to Mrs. Deters classroom, and he is a very caring student with a sweet and kind personality. Cash and his family do a lot to support Safe Families. Safe Families for Children is a movement fueled by
compassion to keep children safe and families intact. His family donated their Christmas gifts to the families in need and dressed up as elves to deliver their gifts. Nurse Dana also sees Cash daily and says Cash comes into her office twice a day with the biggest smile on his face despite his many medical obstacles. His enthusiasm for life is demonstrated by his daily stories of what they are talking about in school or his next project or homework assignment he did the night before. Cash is a standout student with his big smile, manners and makes friends easily.

Evans Elementary
Tyler Boedeker

Tyler Boedeker is a third grade student at Evans Elementary. Tyler is conscientious student who excels in all subjects. His favorite subject is Math. He takes pride in knowing his math facts and using problem solving techniques for solving word problems. Tyler is responsible, respectful, and makes right choices throughout the school day and he is always willing to assist others. Our school is a better place because of students like Tyler Boedeker.

Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary
Gavin Cluck

The second grade team would like to nominate Gavin Cluck from Mrs. Willis’s class for student of the month. Gavin is a very caring student who is always helping others in various ways. For example, he donated a generous amount of his own money to the Pasta for Pennies program that is currently going on at EK school. Gavin is also willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it in the classroom. He is a great student and friend.  

Delores Moye Elementary
Quinn Cornell

Quinn Cornell is an excellent student and classmate.  She sets a great example for her fellow classmates by showing kindness to everyone, coming to school with her homework complete, and a ready to learn attitude each day.  Quinn is a joy to have in class, and she deserves recognition for all of her hard work. 

Marie Schaefer Elementary
Gwendolyn Wolf 

Gwendolyn Wolf is a third grad student that goes above and beyond in multiple aspects of her life.  She is an outstanding student who consistently works to reach new goals and push herself.  She is part of numerous enrichment groups and strives to master new math skills.  Gwendolyn is also an excellent model for peers in her classroom, utilizing patience and understanding to help support them.  Outside of the classroom, Gwendolyn is a wonderful, kind, and caring friend to all.  Twice this year she has shown leadership by working out conflict between peers to achieve resolution before escalating the issue to an adult.  Gwendolyn received Student of the Month recognition for the character trait of respect.  Whether with peers, teachers, supervisors, or other adults, Gwendolyn has nothing but respect and politeness to show others. Gwendolyn can manage all of this and still be a great big sister to her siblings and an extra help to her mom while her dad has been deployed since October.  

Carriel Junior High
Aidan Cutter

Aidan Cutter is a fantastic student at Carriel Junior High School.  He is super respectful in class and very caring to his classmates.   He was a leading force on the cross country team, and an integral part of their success at state. Running for three seasons, Cutter set himself apart as a leader. He was never afraid to push faster and harder, and could be heard pushing others to excel.  In addition to his academic and athletic success, Aidan is a dedicated member of NJHS, Scholar Bowl, FCA, First Priority, and Symphonic Winds playing the euphonium. Outside of the school day, he shares his musical talents by playing at church as well as volunteering to help 5th grade students who are learning to play trombone and baritone.  Other volunteer activities include Vacation Bible School, Altar Server, O’Fallon Food Pantry, providing books and necessities to students in need in St. Louis through the Little Bit Foundation, Marie Schaefer Math Night and mulching the Marie Schaefer campus. 

Fulton Junior High
Chris Chaney

Fulton is proud to recognize Chris Chaney as the February O’Fallon Weekly/District 90 Student Service Awardee.  Chris is involved in many school activities including Student Council and Scholar Bowl.  He is responsible, hardworking, and eager to tackle challenges. Whether it’s Boys Scouts or NJHS, Chris exemplifies what it means to be a young leader. He is dedicated to serving Fulton and the greater O’ Fallon community. Thank you, Chris, for your dedication!