District 90 and the Weekly Present the March 2019 Student Service Award Recipients

The following students have been named by their principals in recognition for their efforts to make their school and community a better place.

Hinchcliffe Elementary 
Benjamin Rogers

Benjamin Rogers is a 1st grade student who recently moved to O’Fallon from Florida after losing almost everything in the hurricane earlier this year. There is not a day that goes by where he does not have a smile on his face. He has been through a lot and you would never know it. He is eager to learn, help others, and explore new things. Benjamin loves playing with Lego’s at home and his favorite subject in school is Math. His teacher, Mrs. Doyle, says, “I am so glad to have met this young man who brings joy to my life and to his classmates.”

Evans Elementary
Michael Taborski

Michael Taborski is the example of a positive volunteer in the classroom and around the school. Michael performs tasks for teachers in the building such as tutoring, taking lunch containers to the cafeteria, and helping out around his homeroom on a daily basis. Michael takes pride in his volunteerism and he always does his work willingly. Michael is respectful, responsible, and makes wise choices consistently. 

Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary
LaChelle Ellis

The cafeteria staff nominated Shelly Ellis, a third-grade student from EK Elementary School, for this award. Shelly is a kind-hearted and well-rounded student. In the cafeteria, she frequently helps younger peers and comforts them when they need it. She is a great listener and a very positive young lady. Shelly is a wonderful role model to all students. 

Delores Moye Elementary
Charlotte Durbin

Charlotte Durbin is kind and always willing to help her friends. She is respectful and honest. She works hard to do her best and is eager to learn new things.  Moye staff are proud of her!

Marie Schaefer Elementary
Emma Noble and Reese Burton

On December 3, 2018, the school was graciously given a personalized sign made completely out of Legos. It was created by Emma Noble, Reese Burton, their families and friends. The sign took 4 months to build is made up of 110,000 LEGO pieces, weighs 850 pounds, and is 12 feet long by 5 feet wide. The message behind the sign is to dream, plan, and make it happen! These two young ladies have altruistic hearts and give daily to help others. They put smiles on others faces daily, they willingly go out of their way to help others feel comfortable and are true leaders in the first-grade team. They will do great things in life and deserve recognition for their outstanding work this year!  Link to the video of the making of the LEGO Marie Schaefer Sign: https://youtu.be/FDk0nb6_Teg

Carriel Junior High
Madelyn Fields

Madelyn Fields is a well rounded student who pays attention to detail and cares about others.   Some of her teachers commented, “She is patient, respectful, and a delight to have in class!”     She is an active participant in class, serves as a leader during group activities, and is always willing to help.  Outside of the classroom, she was a member of our girls basketball team, works diligently on the yearbook staff and is an active member of NJHS.  She commits her time weekly to tutoring elementary students at Moye.  She goes every Monday and Thursday after school and has subbed for students on other days when they cannot make it.  Mrs. Cox noted, ” Maddie has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is reliable, she works well with students, and she’s very personable with the staff in charge and the students.  We appreciate her flexibility in working with different students/different grade levels/ different subjects.  Our students really enjoy working with her.  She’s been a huge asset to this program.”

Fulton Junior High
Carlie Vermillion

Carlie Vermillion has gone above and beyond to support National Junior Honor Society efforts in the Layne Grace Bear Project.  Even when finished with her required minutes, Carlie continued to support and produce many, many extra bears.  It is students such as Carlie who continue to recognize the beauty of serving others, even when their personal commitment is met that make us proud. Due to her dedication, many hearts will find comfort.