District 90 and the Weekly Present the November 2018 Student Service Award Recipients

The following students have been named by their principals in recognition for their efforts to make their school and community a better place.

Hinchcliffe Elementary
Brynn Ori

Brynn Ori willingly assists and helps students without hesitation or being asked. She is also part of the Teach Learn Play group at Hinchcliffe School and is a true leader in every sense of the word.  Brynn is always kind, caring, empathetic and helpful to everyone.  She is a positive role model for everyone and is academically a very strong student who has high expectations for herself.  We are lucky to have Brynn at Hinchcliffe and appreciate her leadership!

Evans Elementary
Sophia Wondolowski

Sophia Wondolowski is a positive role model for all LaVerna Evans students.  She is very hard-working, respectful, and kind.  Sophia eagerly participates in all classroom activities and is never shy to answer any questions.  She always demonstrates a positive attitude, stays organized, and is respectful to all students and staff.  Sophia maintains good grades by filling out her assignment agenda, communicating with her teachers, and turning in her work on time.  She works well with her classmates and goes out of her way to help them when they struggle.  She sets positive examples by making “right choices”. Sophia is an outstanding student.

Estelle Kampmeyer
Joey Lojan

Joey Lojan is a 4th grade student at EK School and he has a true love for writing. Over the summer months,  Joey joined the O’Fallon Weekly Newspaper staff and wrote eight articles for the newspaper.  Joey learned a lot about writing from this experience and he continues to show his love for writing in the classroom. 

Delores Moye Elementary
Charlotte Persons

Charlotte Persons is a first grader who truly shines inside and outside of her classroom at Moye School. She has a love for reading and learning, both of which contribute to her academic excellence. Charlotte’s positive attitude, witty sense of humor, and cheerful demeanor leave feelings of joy with those around her. She may be young, but Charlotte makes a big impact on everyone she encounters.

Marie Schaefer  Elementary
Malik Hamed

Malik Hamed has on multiple occasions demonstrated the qualities of a true Schaefer Wildcat. Malik is always respectful and responsible. He shows others kindness and compassion and is still ready and willing to help out a classmate in need.  He recently was chosen to become a mentor to a young student in our school who needs a positive peer role model and is doing a fantastic job!

Carriel Junior High
Taylor Bowman

Taylor is a wonderful ambassador for Carriel.  She is a genuinely nice person who always has a positive thought and attitude toward everything!  One teacher noted “she is one of the hardest working students I have ever had. She goes above and beyond regardless of the amount of points assigned to the project or assignment. Taylor is empathetic, polite, and understanding. She is the perfect student.”  Beyond the classroom, Taylor serves as one of the Captains of the Dance Team.  Her coach said “she goes above and beyond in everything she does for the team, myself and each girl. She takes time to know when their birthdays are, to send encouraging messages to them, and acts as a role model to all at school and during practice.”   

Fulton Junior High
John Chaney

John Chaney, Fulton 8th grader from the Cartier House, is our November Student Service Award recipient. John is an exceptional student, both in and out of the classroom. This Fall, John was selected by his peers to be the Student Council president. He has taken his leadership role to new heights and truly demonstrated the meaning of service to others. He has spent countless hours preparing and serving by leading meetings, attending leadership workshops, and most recently, playing an important role in organizing our Veterans Day breakfast and program. John dedicates himself to others’ needs before his own… he is a true leader!