District 90 and the Weekly present the October 2018 Student Service Award recipients

The following students have been named by their principals in recognition for their efforts to make their school and community a better place.

Hinchcliffe Elementary
Elizabeth Chaney & Quentin Coleman

Elizabeth Chaney and Quentin Coleman have been leaders in their school and consistently set a good example for younger students. They are 5th grade helpers and take the responsibility seriously. Each morning both of them help the first graders deal with peer relations, morning routines, supply issues, and any other situation that may arise. They are extremely respectful and supportive. One student was upset because of a haircut he received and was having a rather rough morning. Elizabeth and Quentin showed empathy and talked to him kindly. They helped calm this young student down which turned his day around.  They are constantly helping our younger students learn how to make right choices. When it is time to quiet the cafeteria down, both students walk the line reminding our first graders of our school code for voice levels. Elizabeth and Quentin are hard working and dedicated students.

Evans Elementary
Josiah Tyus

Josiah is a student who enters the school with a smile on his face every day. He takes his “Serve Our School (SOS)” job seriously. As an office helper, he has a number of tasks on a daily basis. He does each one with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. In the morning when he is finished with his usual tasks, he stands in the office area and greets the students and parents as they enter the building, giving them a smile and a high five to start their day off right. Josiah’s actions are a great example of the respect, responsibility and right choices we expect and appreciate from our students.  

Estelle Kampmeyer
Grace Harris

Grace Harris is a 3rd grade student at EK School. Over the past several weeks, Grace helped prepare for the annual EK PTO Walk and Bike to School event. Grace arrived to school extra early sometimes and stayed late on other days to copy and sort fliers that were shared with the entire faculty and student body. Because of Grace’s extra work, the Bike and Walk to School event was a huge success and enjoyed by several EK students and their families. Thank you Grace for taking the extra time to help with this meaningful event!

Delores Moye Elementary
Xavier Williams

Xavier is not only a strong student academically, he is also an amazing friend to his peers. He puts others’ feelings and needs above his own. When his class celebrates birthdays, he asks to be the last student served to ensure that others get their treat of preference. Even though he recently injured his ankle, Xavier still offers to help his teacher and his peers in need. Xavier is caring, compassionate, patient, and a friend sought out by many of his classmates. 

Marie Schaefer Elementary
Sa’Niyla Box

SaNiyla Box is an exceptional fourth grade student at Marie Schaefer. SaNilya is always very respectful and polite to her teacher, her classmates and other staff members in the building. She is an outstanding role model for her classmates as she consistently follows directions, and is helpful and responsible. SaNiyla was the Student of the Month in Mrs. Murray’s 4th grade classroom for her respectful attitude. She truly stands out as an amazing student!

Carriel Junior High
Payton Hamm

Payton is a terrific student at Carriel Junior High School who demonstrates the utmost respect for peers and adults.  She is a very hard worker in all of her classes, never complains and is always willing to help others including her peers, teachers and even her former elementary school.  Recently, Mr. Dismukes, Principal at EK, sent a message praising Payton for her volunteer work at EK.  He noted his appreciation for her efforts in the EK classrooms helping teachers get ready for the school year as well as spending hours watering the new landscape areas at EK. 

Fulton Junior High
Jenna Denton

On August 25, Jenna Denton swam 1.2 miles at the 3rd Annual Swim Across America St. Louis event. Jenna swam alongside her dad, who had chemotherapy 3 days prior to the event. In total, more than 450 swimmers raised $210,000 to support cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center. This is Jenna’s 3rd year participating in the event and she not only volunteered time to help organize and inventory apparel for the event, she also raised more than $1,000. Fulton is so proud that Jenna is taking action to make a difference in her family’s life and all those affected by cancer! The picture is of her and 2016 Olympian Ryan Held, Gold Medalist.