District 90 Board receives financial profile score, approves grant director job description

O’FALLON – At the Feb. 19 O’Fallon District 90 Board of Education meeting, superintendent Carrie Hruby said the Illinois State Board of Education has given the district a positive financial profile score.

Hruby said the ISBE looks at the district’s fund balance to revenue ratio, days cash on hand, fund balance and long term and short term borrowing debt capacity — they then assign a score. 

“Our score has increased every year for the past several years,” Hruby said. “We’re at the second highest level.” 

“It’s important especially should you go out and sell bonds that your credit rating is partly based on the financial profile score and also based on policy and what you have done to reduce budgets.”  

Hruby said there is an asbestos abatement necessary for the secure entry way upgrades taking place at District 90 school’s. According to Hruby, there is an issue at Moye Elementary which has to do with a water leak in the wall behind a water fountain. Hruby said there may be mold needed to be remediated. 

Hruby said CENPRO Services, Inc. gave an estimate of the work required to be done. She said it’s a “high estimate” of $50,000 because services may require the total replacement of the water fountains. Hruby said “that probably won’t need to be done.” “It’s hard to know when it’s behind a wall.” 

At the District 90 meeting, the Board amended the district wide calendar. 

Hruby said school was previously unscheduled for April 2, 2019 because District 90 school’s were to be used as a polling place for the upcoming election cycle. 

Hruby said per St. Clair County, District 90 facilities are no longer to be used for polling. As a result, the board passed a resolution for students to attend school on Tuesday, April 2. The day will be used as a make up snow day, with the other missed days added to the end of the school year. 

Due to the Feb. 28 weather cancellation, an additional day may be added to the end of the calendar. Hruby said the current last day of school for District 90 students is May 24 – however, that is subject to change at the March Board meeting. 

While there was discussion had at the District 90 meeting about hiring a communications director between the four districts, Hruby said “this isn’t our top priority right now.” She also raised questions on the job description and how local districts would share the director. 

“When a crisis comes, where is the person and whose day is it,” Hruby said. “This isn’t our top priority right now.” 

Hruby said currently, District 90’s primary focus is the reduction of class sizes and the continued improvement of curriculum. 

“There are a lot of needs that would come before the need for a communications director,” she said. “That was a great idea but lets put it on the back burner for another time when we have met all of our other priorities.” 

Hruby said District 90 received a Department of Defense Education Activity grant that required the district hire a math grant project director. 

The total grant is approximately $750,000 over five years. 

Hruby said the math grant project director would oversee the grant itself and “make sure everything is taken care of and all the paperwork is filed.” 

Hruby described that as a “half time” position, which couples with a math instructional position that would support teachers in classrooms. The board approved the job description for the position. The position will be partially paid for by the grant. 

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