District 90 hears plan to lower student athletic fees

District 90O’FALLON – Parents with athletes attending a District 90 school may see some relief from fees if a proposal put before the Board of Education at their January meeting can be put into place.

A committee of residents, concerned citizens, boosters, coaches, and District 90 staff has developed a plan to reduce the fees paid by parents for their child to play a sport to $100 or less. Superintendent Carrie Hruby said this has been a big priority since she arrived at the district.

“When I first came to the district, I heard a lot of concerns about extracurricular fees. It’s exciting to see a proposal because its a possible solution to a big problem we’ve been dealing with. Families are frustrated having to pay $325 for one child to play middle school basketball,” Hruby said.

In recent years, parents have had to shoulder all or most of the cost for their child to play sports.  Hruby said she had parents complaining about how they were being forced to limit the number of activities their child participated in due to the high costs.

The committee studied fee structures at surrounding school districts and determined what was a reasonable cost for parents to have to pay.  Under the committee’s proposal, the most a parent would have to pay is $100 for a sport. Currently parents may have to pay as much as $325 for a child to play certain sports.

There would be a cost to the district of $63,000 or $80,000 with two way transportation to bring sports in-house under the presented fee structure. The next step is for the finance committee to take a look and see if this is feasible and something the district can do next year.

In other business…

The Board of Education set registration dates for the 2016-17 school year.  In-person registration will take place May 11 and 12 and July 26.  Additionally, Hruby said the district is working to develop an online registration process.

“Online registration is something we really haven’t done up until now. We’re exploring this because it would be really nice for families to be able to go online and register their students in 15 minutes or so from their home,” Hruby said.

Hruby said there may be some kinks to work out during this first year.

“It may be somewhat of a hybrid for this first year where parents can submit most items online but still need to bring in a physical copy of a form or something. It may not be 100 percent finished, but it’ll still save a lot of people a lot of time,” she said.