Districts 90 and 203 swear in recently elected board members

On April 27, the District 90 Board of Education met to swear in their recently elected members and select their board president. Newly elected member Jason Boone, along with returning members Matt Lloyd, Steve Springer and John Wagnon, took their Oath of Office. The other three board members, Mary Baskett, Becky Drury, and Rebecca Huller, also took the oath again as a sign of unity and teamwork. John Wagnon was selected by the board members to remain as board president. (Submitted Photo)






On May 2, the District 203 Board of Education met to swear in Lynda Cozad, Steve Dirnbeck, Keith Richter, and Laura Jacobi-VanHook who were all elected last April. Cozad was chosen to remain as District 203 board president by the members, but she was not without challenge. Board Member Brandt House was nominated by Donna Johnson. However, when it came time for the members to vote on the position, Richter was the deciding vote and kept Cozad in place.

Pictured: Cozad administering the oath of office to newly elected member Laura Jacobi-VanHook. (Submitted Photo)