Eight Benefits of Becoming a Member at the MetroRecPlex

The number one reason that people decide not to sign up for a gym membership is fear of commitment.  It’s a huge step for a person to say, “I’m going to commit this time to the health and wellness of me and my family,” because at that point, the decision to go for it is real.  However, it’s a decision and a commitment that you won’t regret. At the McKendree MetroRecPlex, we believe that becoming a member gives you far more than a traditional gym membership could ever offer and here are a few reasons why becoming a part of our family will benefit you!  We’ll see you at the Plex! 

1. Massive Health
Benefits Overall

Obviously, going to the gym is good for your health and wellness! To be completely basic, making a commitment to exercise will strengthen your heart and lungs and will also allow you to increase your lean muscle. At least five hours of moderate exercise per week, including muscle strengthening activities will help you to take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.  But what do you get from that healthy lifestyle?  Well, studies show that regular exercise and an increase in strength and cardiovascular fitness training will help reduce the risk of and can reverse issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type II Diabetes, depression, and stress.

2. We’ve Got all of the Equipment

A major advantage of joining the MetroRecPlex is the variety of equipment that we have available, including cardio machines, strength machines, weights, and various functional training gear. Sure, it’s scary, but you’ll find friendly employees on hand to help you use it all. It’s so much easier than you think!

3. It’s a Great Place to Make Friends

The MetroRecPlex is a great place where you can be social and meet other people who are focused on the same goals that you are.  Group fitness classes will help you work towards your goals and are a really great way to make friends. You might find someone who loves Pound just as much as you or another person to try Yoga with for the first time. Once you connect with someone at your fitness level, you’ll have a friend to hold you accountable.

4. We’ve Got the Knowledge

At the MetroRecPlex, we have qualified, experienced personal trainers ready to work with you to develop the best exercise regime nand workout plan for every person with different goals. This individualized support allows you to learn how to move properly, when to push yourself, and when to take a break. 

5. You’ll Establish a New Routine

It’s not easy committing to a gym membership and justifying the cost as you decide how much you and your family will use it.  At the MetroRecPlex, we offer something for everyone in the family and many convenient times so it’s easy to establish a healthy routine at a facility that’s available seven days a week.  Establish that routine allows you to create a new healthy habit that will be well worth the investment in no time.

6. It’s All About the Energy, Baby!

One of the amazing, spectacular side effects of exercise is an increase in energy levels and enhanced mood, thanks to natural, happy endorphins. There’s nothing better than leaving the gym after a workout with that feeling of hope and excitement, “I can conquer the world” mentality.  If you are trying to find a way to put an extra spring in your step, the MetroRecPlex can help!

7. A Challenge is Good!

No matter what you are used to when it comes to health and fitness, we’ve got a challenge for you at the MetroRecPlex.  Whether it’s our Triathlon Training program or a tough hour of Barre Yoga, there’s something to challenge everyone around every corner.  The more you challenge yourself and conquer your fears, the better you will feel! 

8. Get Motivated

It’s a love/hate relationship.  Whether you’re dragging yourself to the gym or you wake up ready to rock it, staying motivated is a problem that every person faces. When you start to feel like you need motivation, switch up your routine or try a new workout.  At the MetroRecPlex we have many different options to keep your time with us exciting and full of change and possibility.