Enterprise Grange donates dictionaries

Karen and Terry Reeves handing out dictionaries at Estelle Kampmeyer School. (Submitted Photo)

Enterprise Grange of O’Fallon, as part of an ongoing community service project, once again coordinated efforts to supply all third grade students in the community with a dictionary.

The dictionaries presented to these students are “A Student’s Dictionary”.  It has 540 pages of words with definitions, maps of the United States with each state highlighted and facts about that state, and information about the United States Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and about all of the Presidents.  It also includes maps of the seven continents, information about each country shown on the maps, facts about the eight planets, and weights and measures. Two of the favorite things are the alphabet in sign language and the longest word in the English language. It was chosen as it is a very comprehensive dictionary that can be used for years by the students.

Over the past sixteen years, Enterprise Grange has given over 9,848 dictionaries to the third graders in the O’Fallon area schools. 

The Grange delivered dictionaries to 616 students and teachers this year. A label was placed in the front of each dictionary with all the names of the individuals, businesses and organizations that contribute to this worthy cause.