Evans students learn about The Dot


On Wednesday, September 14, approximately 125 first and fifth grade students at LaVerna Evans Elementary School participated in International Dot Day festivities. The Dot Day celebration was the culminating activity for the students after their homeroom teacher each read the book titled The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.

The Dot is a powerful story about a girl named Vashti who is encouraged by her teacher to take a risk. Vashti does not believe she can draw. She is filled with self-doubt until her teacher gently persuades her to, “just make a mark and see where it takes you.” The inspirational story shows how one reluctant learner gains self-esteem with just one dot. Once Vashti sees her artwork signed and framed, she is inspired to experiment more with dots. The simple support of her teacher gives Vashti the confidence to take risks and to grow. Vashti then passes on her teacher’s words of wisdom to another student who does not believe he can draw a straight line. She hands him a paper and pencil and asks him to draw. She then insists he sign his artwork. The author reminds us of the powerful influence of teachers. Teachers all share the responsibility to challenge a child’s preconceived notions and to encourage children to dream.

The kids at LaVerna Evans played Bingo using smarties (dots) to cover their card, played Dominoes (the pips are dotted), and created their own framed art work using various dot-like materials.  Pictured is a group of students taken outside on the playground in “Dot” formation and holding up spherical objects (dots).  (Submitted photo)