Fate of Alderman, Treasurer ballot positions still unclear

City Hall

O’FALLON – The ongoing drama surrounding the nominating petitions for candidates for Alderman and Treasurer continued, as the objectors to the petitions opted to appeal the City Electoral Board’s recent rulings to the Circuit Court.

Ward 5 Alderman Chris Hursey’s petitions were challenged by Tom Kelley, who is represented by attorney Brian Flynn. Treasurer David Hursey is having his petitions objected to by Frank Morski.

Kelley contends Chris Hursey failed to property state what office he was running for, while Morski argues David Hursey failed to get the proper amount of signatures on his petitions.

All parties have been made aware of the filing of petitions for judicial review. A hearing as yet to be scheduled and may take place as late as the end of February.

County Clerk Tom Holbrook said that early voting will begin assuming the candidates will be allowed to stay on the ballot. However, if they are removed, any early votes for the Hurseys will be invalid.

There have been concerns expressed by Chris Hursey about the close ties his objectors have to the Circuit Court. His opponent in the April election, Andrew Lopinot, is the son of Judge Vincent J. Lopinot, while his objector, Tom Kelley, is the son of Associate Judge Randall W. Kelley.